The Art of Caring...and Listening

How does one define caring? It probably means different things to many people but I guess basically, it's concern, sensitivity and compassion. To me however, caring is not just about feelings but it's also about doing something about that feeling. You see, my nature is such that I have this habit of always trying to find a solution to problems or situations, in other words, I am never a passive onlooker...and the worst thing is that sometimes the problem or the situation has nothing to do with me at all. I would tell my friends that I am the last person they should call when they just want to talk about their troubles because I am not one who would just sit and listen especially when I see a solution, so if they don't want to hear my 2-cents worth of advice, then please don't bring me your problems unless you need and want help. Of course, some people just want to voice out their sentiments and they don't actually want help...unfortunately, I don't have the patience or the skill to just listen unless it's situations which really don't have solutions. Because I can't help it...indifference is against my nature, maybe it's genetics because my mom is the same dad was a sympathetic and responsive person too, so I guess I got it from both sides creating some kind of weird combination. People around me are never as passionate or as impulsive as I am in trying to solve what I see as wrong. Some would call it interference and I guess in some ways, it is...and this is what gets me into trouble...when people see my concern as meddling or controlling.

I know that there are times when what is needed is just a listening ear...I too need someone to talk to especially when I am under stress or I just feel a little sad...and this is okay. But people who go on and on about their unhappiness in life, day in and day out exhausts me...I guess they are the ones who thrive in their unhappiness and actually like being unhappy, that's why they really don't want to change anything. It's not that I am not sympathetic but I really don't have the energy to deal with them having enough troubles of my own as it is and so, I just consciously make an effort to stay away and thus keep my mind relatively sane :)


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