Some of Life's Favorite Moments

Now-a-days I need to remind myself that inspite of all the troubles in the hospital and controversies thrown at me, life is still good and I can still laugh. All I have to do do is to think about the things that make me happy...and the favorite moments of my life:

1. sleeping with clean sheets and soft, fluffy pillows
2. staying in bed on a rainy day
3. watching the stars under a full moon
4. hugging and being hugged
5. drinking my favorite coffee while reading a good book
6. dancing to my favorite music while getting ready for work
7. being on a quiet beach with pristine white sands listening to the sound of the waves
8. sharing stories at the dinner table with family and giggling over silly things
9. singing my son to sleep every night up to age 11
10. slow dancing and holding hands
11. driving along in a smooth and calm road with a view of the sea
12. watching the sun set in a blaze of red and orange
13. sharing a good laugh with family,friends
14. Hearing from someone I have been missing
15. having family and friends who believe in me

and so much more...


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