My Honda Experience

My family's first Honda was not just one but two motorbikes which my father used to go around our small farm.  A few years later both were turned to motorcabs and sold.  This was in the mid 70's when Honda was still known more as a motorcycle brand rather than a car maker.  This all changed when Honda designed the Civic and established itself as a serious car manufacturer.  In the United States, Carr's Honda is a trusted dealer for Honda cars.  Aside from the Civic, there's the very popular Honda CR-V, a sports utility vehicle because of it's compact and classy design. When my sister-in-law bought a red CR-V three years ago I must admit, I felt a twinge of envy :)    I remembered my first ride on a Honda CR-V with a lot of happy thoughts.

The first time I rode a CR-V was not with my sister-in-law (why not? long story), instead it was with an old friend who took me to lunch when I was in Manila for a conference a few years earlier. I was standing in front of the Greenbelt 4 entrance watching out for a white sedan (her old car) when a sleek black Honda CR-V slowly cruised by me. The car had tinted windows so I couldn't see inside. It stopped right in front of me, and wary of strangers, I turned my back and started to walk back inside the mall. Then, I heard my name called out and it was my friend! It's a good thing that I did not have a common name, otherwise, some people who might have the same name as I might think they were being called; because my friend said she called out (more like a shout out) my name thrice before I heard her. LOL!  Well, it's not my fault since she did not tell me that she changed her car, and a good thing too, because compared to her old sedan, the CR-V is a luxurious yet very comfortable ride. My friend works really hard and she deserves a great car.   She said that the best thing about her Honda aside from the design is it's fuel economy and easy handling which are essential features when driving in traffic congested Manila.   Although we live in the same country, we really don't get to see each other much, so it was fun catching up on each other's lives, and before we knew it, lunch turned to dinner. It was almost midnight when we parted ways but going home late was of no consequence for my dear friend, what with a new car like a Honda CR-V.

* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


  1. I'm also using a Honda and it's a lot lighter than other cars plus it's not allowed to be converted to taxi.

  2. I'm also using a Honda. They are lighter than other car models plus they can't be converted to taxi.


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