When things go wrong...and The Mystery of the Missing Cellphone

I am not superstitious but when a day like yesterday happens, when one bad thing happens one after the other...then, I start thinking that negative forces in my immediate universe is working in an optimal pace. My tuesday started uneventful enough...I woke up late, as usual. The Ms. Universe 2007 was being shown live on cable TV and so I did not bring my Mom to her CWL seminar. A few minutes later, we got a call from her saying that she must have left her folder full of seminar materials in the tricycle (a motorcycle with a covered sidecar that serves as the main transport in most provincial towns and small cities) that she rode going there but she was not able to get it's number. So the househelp had to go chasing after similar looking tricycles which more or less comprises 80% of all tricycles plying the city route. The Ms. U would not have interested me anymore since the Philippines did not make the cut...but Korea did and being a true fan of Korean cinema and dramas...I decided to continue watching. Japan Won (Korea was 3rd runner up)...although not as beautiful as Korea and Brazil...she was very natural and projected well. I then had to run to where my mother was because the president of the club asked me to attend their luncheon because they were honoring the May birthday celebrants and family members were requested to be give a bouquet which should be kept secret...duh...my Mom's birthday was long over (May 1) and I was not exactly eager to participate. But since I love my Mom and even though she would look at this as something unnecessary, I could not allow that she doesn't have family around to give her her bouquet. Now, my plan was to let my son, Ramie do the honors...but he has taekwondo...how about my brother, Teddy, but then I had to go and pick him up...so short of asking Boxer (our beloved Japanese Spitz), I knew that there was no one else who has to this....yep...me. So off I went at exactly 11:30 (they said to be on time) but I had to endure 30 minutes of sitting in a warm...no...hot room because they had not finished their morning session and I had to keep out of sight. But then, I was the only relative there...so they decided to just ask me to join them for lunch first...hmmmm now where did the element of surprise go? I finally got to work at 12:20 only to find that all phones except one were dead, so I could not get on-line. But then I got a call from home (from the only working one in the office). It was Ramie asking me if I had his cellphone...huh?...seems that he left it at home and now it's lost....and since he left it on silent mode there was no way for us to locate it by calling....argh!!! And to just about even out the score...I passed by the mall to buy coffee and somewhere along the path I took to I lost the cover of the USB port of my one week old MP3 hanging on my neck...sob, sniff...wahhhhhh! I searched and searched...literally bending under the aisles...but nada (head shaking)...a mouse or a rat probably has it by now. I'm so sad....BUT, I then realized that maybe...yesterday's series of unfortunate events was a way of preventing more serious things from happening...you know, I'd rather lose things than lose someone...or get sick or have an accident. I mean, why waste time feeling bad about things that are so replaceable...I wouldn't. I'd probably get annoyed for about half an hour...tops and then find humor in it.


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