Life is short

"Life is short"...this is a statement that I never really gave serious thought before until last weekend when I watched this TV drama and one of the male characters kept on saying this to convince the leading lady that she should not hesitate to take risks especially when it comes to love because life is short... unfortunately, she did not agree with him but instead kept saying, "no, life is long" and so that made the drama more complicated. What struck me was the fact that it never occurred to me before that people should take more chances and not be afraid of failure because life is short. I have always believed that because life is short, we should be responsible and rational and make less mistakes. I never thought of it the other way around...I guess, ignorance is bliss because up until now, I have looked at my life with little regret, precisely because I am a sensible person. I am not a purposeful person or someone who always thinks before she acts but, I am not reckless or impetuous either. I consider myself as somewhere in-between, instinctive, passionate when principles or ideals are involved. But on most days, I am a "responsible" adult leading my life in very logical way minimizing risks and avoiding regrets...or so I led myself to believe because as I approach mid-life, I reflect on the hits and misses in my life and I realize that indeed,"life is short" be really honest about it there are a few things that I really really wanted to do but didn't because it wasn't the right thing to do. So now, I have made another list, this time of things I should do before it's really too late...

1. learn to ride a motorcycle
2. dance ballet again
3. stop being afraid of riding a bicycle
4. practice and improve my guitar skills and play in public
5. sing professionally
6. wear a bikini
7. go on a date with a younger man
8. attend a rock concert
9. start doing all the things in this list as well as the other lists I have made this year...
10. and finally, fall in love and not be afraid to say it and make a commitment...okay, maybe not as drastic as forever...but something...anything, rather than being too afraid and then thinking about the what ifs...


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