Losing someone

Most of us in our adult life have experienced losing someone we love...family, a friend, a lover...whether the loss is due to separation or death, it really doesn't matter because the pain, the hurt, the loss is almost the same, the difference is in how long you grieve over the loss. This past week, we had 2 deaths in our extended family. Both were in their twilight years and if we were to be pragmatic about it, their passing should really be more of a reward and a celebration of a life well lived. Listening to the short sermons during the daily masses for Tito Doring and the stories and sharings gave me new insights to reflect on about life and death. I wrote about life being short the weekend before he died and this phrase hold more meaning to me now more than ever. The loss brought about by death reminds me not to waste time on the ifs and buts...that opportunity once lost seldom comes back. A close cousin said during the memorial service that most of us spend our lives chasing after things that will eventually fade into nothingness and in the end what really endures and live on will be family, the memories, the goodness that we have done, and the love we have for each other. With age comes wisdom...but so does regrets and so, I am grateful to have been able to hear these words, learn from them, and hopefully experience fewer regrets.


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