high school memories and reunions

I went to an all-girls high school although I did have boys as classmates in elementary and intermediate grades. But I don't remember much about those days...I think I spent high school in a blur, maybe because I did not become part of any group or clique so that I wasn't able to create a lot of memories. Looking back, my high school life was pretty much about growing up from childhood to teenager. I entered high school at age 11 and graduated at 15...still a child, really. I wasn't even allowed to party with boys yet! My main preoccupation then was reading...I literally finished most if not all of the books in our school library. I was seen as a quiet girl by the other year levels because they saw me as always reading. Of course, my own classmates did not think so because I was quite talkative and opinionated since I had all these general knowledge in my head. They considered me to be very childish compared to them who were a year or two older than me (translation: they had more experience in the social milieu, thus more sophisticated)...but it did not really bother me... I wasn't interested in those kind of things anyway...yet.

Fast forward to present time...ever since our silver jubilee, we have been meeting regularly especially when classmates abroad come home for a visit. There are only a few of us left in the country but we all keep in touch. I said before that reunions were not a big thing for me and it still isn't. However, because of these reunions I have now become friends with classmates I would never have wasted time on in high school...we all have become adults that we can be proud of.


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