Another rebellion and sunrises

Two years ago in July 2003, I wrote this in my first blog...

The unexpected happened over the weekend. Some battle-scarred officers and soldiers decided to launch a mutiny during the early hours of Saturday morning. I was suddenly awakened by my mom at 4 am, ending my restful weekend plans. Let me explain something here. The Philippines is an archipelago made up of many that whatever happens in Manila does not mean it is happening everywhere else. Of course, the tension isn't any less. I think the government handled it very well. Now all they have to do is to pay attention to the issues and accusations of these soldiers and then maybe we can now go forward in our quest for a stable economy.

You'd think that the rebels who call themselves Magdalo would have learned their lesson but no, they did it again. This time by forcing their way into The Manila Peninsula, one of the country's premier hotel last November 29, 2007. That morning, I was on the plane coming home to Bacolod after attending a 3 day convention in Manila and did not hear the news until I got home when the househelp announced that there was a "coup d etat" going on in Makati. Well, that kept me glued to the television for the next 15 hours and I was dead tired since I woke up at 5:30 that morning to get ready for my trip home. I thought I'd sleep in that night but, my mom woke me up at 4 AM to attend an advent retreat up in the mountains of Salvador Benedicto...I know this is another story but I just want to say that the reason why so early was because someone had the bright idea to greet the sunrise...well, I was sleepwalking to our suv grumbling that I was a sunset person...while everyone else was so irritatingly cheerful at that unholy hour. I'll write more about the sunrise next time...meanwhile enjoy the view :)

P.S. The so called rebellion failed (of course)... see reasons below ->

NISA declassifies Intel Info so the public may know.


1) Not even his mother joined them
2) Oakwood had a better lobby
3) CNN was not there to cover it
4) The hotel had run out of halo-halo
5) The APC's were parked in the lobby and not the parking lot
6) Trillianes realized being teargassed was not part of his mandate as senator.
7) Guingona thought it was an anti-Erap, or pro-Erap pardon rally, whatever...
8) Surrender was better than the company of Fr. Robert Reyes.
9) Trillianes noticed people were crying not becoz of the tear gas but because of him
10) Even GMA was beginning to look better the longer they stayed

Amen to all of the above (author not cited) there!


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