The Meaning of Christmas

Today is Christmas Day ...a few more hours and it will be a day of the past. I went to hear mass at 11 AM, having overslept after our noche buena celebration which ended at about 2 AM. As I listened to the sermon, the words of the priest struck a note because he talked about something which I needed to hear.

He said that people usually see Christmas as a season for giving and sharing where children are the ones who enjoy the most, but Christmas is not just about these, more significantly, it is really a season for families. It is time when we remember our families, when we all need to feel that we belong somewhere, that we have a family who loves us and welcomes us. He talked about forgiveness between family members and how we should welcome them home inspite of the hurts they gave us. After listening to this, I realized that last night's celebration at home was not complete because we had someone missing...someone who has lived with us for the last 17 years...someone who has given us a lot of stress, disappointments, frustrations and embarassments.  

For the past year, I would always say that my attitude now towards this person was that of indifference and apathy because I have long given up on having a close relationship with her. Her behavior and actions the past few days have given us enough cause to terminate our relationship with her. My mom had already prepared a letter and her fiance's family (she was supposed to get married on January 3, 2008) have already asked to postpone the wedding. We were totally embarrassed with her actions and attitude. 

Then I heard this the grace of God...because why did we choose to attend this mass when we usually attend the midnight mass or the evening mass? When the priest said that everyone needed a family to come home to, I realized that because we are the only family she has known for the last 23 years this is not the time to turn our backs on her. I feel however that she should move on and try to live independently from 28 years old, she is more than capable of doing this.  She should learn to be accountable for her actions and stop blaming everyone for her troubles. We on the other hand should learn to let go and to be asked first before getting involved in her life.  But,we will always be there for her when she needs us.

So today, Christmas Day 2007...I learned that Christmas is really


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