My parents had 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter, but only one got married...the oldest son, my younger brother. He has 2 children from this marriage, a boy and a girl. This marriage was doomed from the start and eventually ended. The kids are now 14 and 11 respectively and are really bright and gifted...their parents are so lucky to have them. Unfortunately both my brother and his ex-wife are the kind of people who should never have children. Why? Well, because in their hierarchy of needs, their number one priority is themselves. Their needs, wants and activities come first before their children or everything else for that matter and so, my nephew and niece do not experience the kind of nurturing that growing children should have. Today was the beginning salvo of my nephew's high school intramurals. He was participating in the cheerdance contest and I found out yesterday that none of his parents will be watching him perform. The reason? His dad couldn't get off from work and his mom thinks it's a waste of gasoline to go to his school...I decided to call him to ask if he wanted me to watch him instead? He was so happy and I brought along his sister, their nanny (who acts as their surrogate parent albeit not a very competent one) and dragged my 17 year old son as well. I'm glad I did. We had fun driving on the way to Victorias and arrived with plenty of time to spare, so that I was able to get a good parking space. My son and niece bought a small bucket of french fries and sodas which we shared while sitting around the football field where the students were going to perform. My nephew's team was the 3rd group to perform...all 140++ of them. They were quite good, in fact I think they have a good chance of getting a place in the top 3. We left after a while because their mom was going to get them for the weekend but on our way out, I decided to take them to Victorias Golf and Country Club, a place where I and my brothers spent many family outings with my parents while growing up. The kids were all excited but my son (who was dragged to come, remember?) wasn't really too keen on seeing the inside since it looked nondescript from the outside...but I said, wait till you see the course. I haven't been in this place for a long long time and driving through the entrance gate brought back good memories. We all got down from the vehicle and there was this Korean guy talking on his cellphone...and I whispered to my nephew...yoboseyo...I didn't think he heard it but as I walked by, he said maayong hapon and so I laughed and said, he speaks ilonggo! I excitedly entered the clubhouse with the kids following behind and there it was! The beautiful VICMICO golf course of my youth. The kids were in awe too and wanted to get down but we really did not have time (their mom might come anytime) so I just promised that we can come back one day soon. I mean to keep the promise since it wasn't hard to drive there, in fact it took only about 30 minutes from Silay to VICMICO...and I'm such a lazy driver ;) When we went to the parking lot, the Korean guy was still there...smiling. And so I said hello and asked if he knew how to speak Ilonggo and he said yes, he was trying to learn and we started a short conversation. It was a bit difficult to understand his english and I just nodded and said...ohhhh, okay...several times. He said something about being a professional "lady" golfer and being licensed which started the kids giggling...and so, we said our goodbyes. As I drove off, I waved at him while the kids were doubling up laughing! My nephew said that I was nodding and saying my standard "ah ok" which is a signal that I am not really listening or I did not understand what is being said....then they started laughing hysterically again. The journey home was a time for bonding...there was so much laughter, the kind that bubbles up in your throat that you just can't help but laugh. I'm glad I went to see my nephew's one of those times that create good memories...the ones that their parents should be sharing instead of missing out.


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