What is it about summer that brings about a certain restlessness in me. I used to think summer mattered only for those who are still in school and looking forward to vacation, but so many years have passed since my schooldays and still when summer arrives, I always get that feeling of anticipation...that sense of holiday that only summer could bring...everytime. Is it because there are still school-age kids in the house? Or maybe because it is too near Christmas break that somehow I haven't shed off the holiday mood. But summer started late this year since it continued to rain till mid-March. In fact, it was only in April that the rains stopped...and not entirely because till now, there's minimal to moderate rainfall at least once a week during late afternoons to evenings making nights cooler. In a way, it's nice because the humidity is high during the day, but on the other hand, a rainy summer is a sure sign of climate change. So maybe...in reality...it's not about summer... but it's about wanting some changes in my life. Of course, nothing chaotic or destructive like climate change but...something that makes life more worthwhile...


  1. Often times that we do long for a change up to the point of doing impulsive actions but according to your blog title live one day at a time. So enjoy each moment, do not put too much worry on your tomorrow. Live today to the fullest! I like the caterpillar dreaming picture. It's like a person, getting bored and unhappy with an itch-feeling to get to where they want to or to achieve what they want to achieve.

    I suddenly remember the song You'll gonna miss this :)

    ness here...

  2. thanks ness...the unsettling feeling has settled down although it crops up once in a while...and yes, although I try to live each day as it comes, I still have to learn how to enjoy the moment :)

    Thanks for visiting...


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