The Great Flood of 1972 vis-a-vis Ketsana (Ondoy)

In August 1972, I remember a big flood happened also in Luzon. For more than two weeks, heavy rains pummeled Luzon before then President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law. Floodwaters merged with the Pampanga and Agno rivers and submerged most of Central Luzon. This became known as the Great Flood of 1972. I remember working in the gym with classmates preparing relief goods. Classes were suspended in some subjects so that students can help instead. Less than a month after...Martial Law was declared. I don't know why I suddenly remembered this fact...maybe because like Marcos then, GMA's popularity and approval rating is at its lowest today. It's like deja vu...the atmosphere of political conflict, the morale of the people, the air of discontent among the people is eerily similar. Is this a sign? I am not saying that GMA is going to declare Martial Law...but somehow I feel a great change coming. Maybe this is our second chance...maybe God is telling us something...maybe we should start listening and doing. We cannot wait for another disaster to strike before we move in unity to make our country one that we can be proud of. In a way the Marcos slogan in 1972 for a "bagong lipunan"..."Para sa ika-uunlad ng bayan disiplina ang kailangan"...still holds true today, but as important as discipline, it is vital that each and every Filipino should be accountable for their actions and what these actions can do to the future of our beloved country. God Bless the Philippines!


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