The Wind in My Face

It's been a long time since I last undertook a long road trip without car long ago, that I have forgotten how the wind feels like against my face.  Last Friday, I went to Barangay Pandanan in the mountains of Murcia town riding an old KIA vehicle and although I initially balked when I first saw our ride...this experience is something I will always remember with a smile. The moment we set out, I knew it was going to be a fun day.  As soon as we were out in the highway,  the cool wind was brushing my face and lifting my ponytail...The air was filled with the smell of grass and cut sugarcane...I could smell the molasses in the air as we passed areas where there are sugar centrals...I saw the mountains of Negros and Mt. Kanlaon clearly and not through tinted windows...I heard the rush of water in the rivers and creeks we passed.  The road trip awakened precious childhood memories that I thought I have forgotten.  It was a wonderful, wonderful day!


  1. ______████ _
    _____██████ _
    ____████████__________ ▌
    ___███____███_________ █
    __███_______ █_________█
    ____█______██______███_ █
    ___████_█ █__███ _█__██_▌

    I arrived here just surfing, but I think I’ll be coming back again from time to time.
    Best wishes from Italy

  2. Thank you for visiting. And have a blessed, wonderful 2010!

  3. It is always a wonderful feeling to be one with nature. Whenever I'm onboard the bus travelling back to province, I always see to it that I am seated by the window. I always love the view, so green and the sun casting its rays.

    Thanks for following my blog :)


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