2010 Summer Adventure - Port Klang-Day 3 and Singapore-Day 4

Port Klang is about an hour ride from Kuala Lumpur (I know I said that before)...I spent the whole trip thinking about "my bell"...it was a quiet ride to the port and even the scenery was sparse.  In fact I saw several unoccupied and empty townhouses, business establishments on the way.  The Star Cruises Terminal Port is located at Pulau Indah which is located next to the cargo terminals of Westport and is quite impressive but there were very few people around except for some parked taxis waiting for passengers who want to go around.  Still thinking about the bell...I saw one in a souvenir shop but it cost RM 25...okay, so I am obsessing about it but I am not that obsessed!

This was our last night on the boat, and so we had dinner at one of their more formal restaurants.  The boat left the port for the trip back to Singapore at about 8:30 PM.  After dinner, some of the group went to watch a show and enjoyed the other amenities on the ship.  I on the other hand was too tired to socialize and decided it would be more practical to get my things ready for the disembarkation the next day.  It's a good thing too because I woke up late the next day and breakfast was way past 9 AM and we had to put our things out by 10 AM for collection by the staff, otherwise you will just have to huff and puff carrying your baggage out of the ship personally.  We checked out by 11 AM and took this time in going around to check out the different ship amenities...and there was quite a few!  But since we took a day trip, we really were not able to enjoy what the ship has to offer...maybe next time...if there is a next time :)

There was a pool/slide, gym, spa, library in Deck 12 and even a conference/seminar room.  I also learned that 75% of the ship's staff are Filipinos and in fact I met 2 each at the spa and restaurants. They had a 10 month contract and get to go home for 2 months in a year, that is if they renew their contract.  We were told to wait at The Lido for final instructions for disembarkation.  As we were approaching Singapore, I was thinking that in spite of the tight schedule, I am grateful for this trip and the break it gave me from work, so thank you for this unexpected birthday gift...you know who you are :)   Arriving in Singapore, we just had enough time for a quick lunch, last minute shopping at the harbor mall, and then the half an hour trip to Changi Airport.  Checking in was a bit slow because the staff opened at 5:30 PM but everything went smoothly after that. The airport is also one big mall...but I only had $7 left from my tax rebate and bought a luggage tag with it.  Oh and as a final experience...I got lost.  I took the wrong turn to go to my gate and literally walked up to the end but there was no E22...asking around (not panicking yet because I still had enough time)...they told me to go back and turn left (I was at the right side)...so back I went...my feet literally hurting.  Once I got there, I saw everyone coming towards me...it seems that the gate was changed to E4...and I had to go back to where I came from...whaatttt???  Oh well, all that walking made me discover that there was free internet around, so I was able to log in and check my mail after 3 days. AND there was a foot massage machine there which gave your foot and leg an experience you will never forget...honestly... that was probably the best experience I had in this trip ;)  really!

We arrived back in Manila, Friday, April 23, at 11:15 PM.  We checked into Richmond Hotel in Ortigas but by the time we got to our room it was almost 1 AM and I thought, we should just have stayed in the airport since we were checking out at 7 AM the next day anyway.  So as an ending to this adventure, I just want to say that I enjoyed the whole experience and hopefully I will be able to visit Singapore and Malaysia again someday but this time on my own time and see all the things I want to see...the malls excluded =))


  1. Your Asian cruise looked so inviting... Pork Klang especially.

  2. thank you :) It was a bit hectic though. The Port Klang terminal was nice but empty...I think it is used solely for the Star Cruises' ships.


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