2010 Summer Adventure - Singapore, Day 2, Part 2

This was my early dinner at Seoul Garden...can you see the sausages? the chili fish balls? what were the rest?

After dinner we were shuttled by the bus to Singapore Cruise Center at Habourfront where our ship, the Superstar Virgo was docked.  Our cruise guide, Icen took care of checking us into the ship and distributed our luggage tags earlier, so that when we got there, all we had to do was to tag our luggage and the next time we see them would be in front of our cabins. Immigration was still closed so we took turns standing in line.  Finally, they opened at 8:30 PM and after about 30 minutes waiting we passed immigration and entered the terminal bridge to the ship.  There were mascots with ship photographers waiting for picture taking as we walked along the long and carpeted bridge and we were required to swipe our key cards before entering the ship...pretty fast and efficient but not exactly as I imagined it to be...you know something like those scenes from the Love Boat TV series. And so after that less than exciting ship entrance, we went directly to our rooms taking one of the many elevators (lifts, they called them like the British) and although we were told to expect some delay in the delivery of our luggage (earlier we were instructed to bring all necessities in a small carry-all bag) as the concierge had to hand carry each of them since the cabin alleys are not wide enough for the carts to maneuver, when we got to our cabin...they were already there! Wow, that's what I call great service! My cabin mate, Sheree and I did some quick freshen-ups and went to meet up for supper with the rest of the group.

This was late supper at The Pavilion Room, one of the many restaurants inside the ship.  It was a set menu and not very palatable ;) but the Indonesian server was very nice and so when she asked if my cabin mate and I enjoyed the meal...I said "yes" :)

Most of the group went to see the Magic Show at The Lido but not me...it was almost 11 PM and all I wanted to do was to have a quick shower and sleep...wake-up call will be at 5:30 AM !!!


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