Road Trip...The Last Adventure for Summer 2010 - Part 3

The coastal view from Vallehermoso to La Libertad is breathtaking. I would love to have a home here where you wake up to the sea and sky becoming one. The road trip to Lalimar Resort took about an hour and it was easy to find since it is located right along the highway. The place looked clean and parking was spacious. There were a lot of people but I found out that these were just day guests. It was a very informal set-up...reception was also located at the bar where I found Leny who was in-charge of our reservation. I knew that check-in time was 2 PM but we arrived early a little past 1 PM and our room was still being readied but the staff was kind enough to allow us to stay in the porch while waiting. The room was very spacious, T&B was clean and there was hot and cold water. After a simple check-in procedure, we all settled in...and the kids went around to explore the place. I checked out the bar...and found that mineral water and sodas were expensive...a liter of Wilkens cost Php 55.00!!! I decided to go to town to buy water, soda and a sewing kit. La Libertad is a very rural if you are looking for a supermarket or at the very least, a grocery store...don't. There is a single level market with dry goods stores, a pharmacy and a cooperative store aside from the usual wet market and food stalls. I got 3 gallons of Wilkens at Php60.00 each and 3 liters of Coke and a liter of Sprite and Royal Tru-Orange...and of course, the thread and needles :) , as well as Php50.00 worth of ice in narrow plastic bags...mission accomplished! Now that I got the "essentials" out of the was time to have some fun. The kids decided to try the beach first while our baby Ella, went for a dip in the very enticing infinity pool with her yaya. I decided to join them and soon after the kids came over too. Since we were in the eastern side of the island, there was no sunset view here but, that's okay...the pool and the view from the Tanon Strait where you can see the island of Cebu was a treat in itself. We had dinner on the porch (they had room service!) and surprisingly the food was good and very affordable (so...only the drinks were expensive)...another great thing about our room was the fact that we were near the pool area where there was WIFI! After eating the kids went to the cabanas with their laptops and spent the rest of the evening on-line. They gave me exactly 5 minutes to check my e-mail. I was in bed by 10 PM but since Ella slept with me, I had a restless sleep. I think I woke up at around 2 AM to bring the air-conditioner down because earlier I gave up my blanket to the yaya who was feeling cold. I was not in the direct path of the AC, so I thought I wouldn't get cold. My mom, brother, Ella and her yaya Jackie were up and about by 6 AM....someone placed a blanket over me and I went back to sleep.


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