The Last 10 Years....

I thought I would blog about the last 10 years (2000-2010) when Y2K started and then, I realized my impending age-related short term memory loss has already began.  Somehow, I have to rack my brain to remember what the last 10 years of my life has been all about...

Okay, before I do that let's me just state that Y2K brought about a lot of changes in my life...some good, some not so good, and yes, some great ones too...but what exactly in particular???  I guess, it's this over all good feeling I get when I think about the last 10 years that makes me say so.

Does everyone remember the "panic" the year 2000 brought about?  It was mainly about computer glitches but people brought it to an apocalyptic level.  I remember thinking it's just another day folks!  Well, I think I did prepare some candles, just in case ;-)  Anyway, of course nothing major happened and the world survived for the next 10 years.  On a personal level, I had more or less gotten over my first mid-life work crisis and have decided on some paradigm shifts at work. There were new changes at work and thankfully, I was able to weather whatever storms these changes brought. Family life was doing great and I was regaining back balance in my life. 

The last 10 years brought a lot of firsts for me both at work and personal life. Among these are a case filed against me in the Ombudsman, my first teaching job at a local College of Medicine and eventually heading the Bioethics Section, finally finishing a 3- year modular Health Leadership and Management Fellowship, attending the Silver Jubilee of my med school,and reconnecting with old friends, finally achieving the dream of building a new hospital, getting involved as trainor, facilitator or resource person with  programs on a national level to develop health leaders, accidentally discovering Facebook in September 2007 and surprisingly finding family I never knew existed, the recognition and affirmation that the hospital staff is doing a good job, the healing of relationships which I have daily prayed for and lo and behold! before the year ended, God has made a way for this to gradually happen. Then there are the little things that we take for granted each day, the love of family and friends, the work we have that makes us productive and gainfully employed, the people around us who support us and make life a bit easier...All these and more, have made the last 10 years truly memorable.
And last but not the least, our little angel, Ella...the baby whom God lovingly gave the gift of life...who inspite all odds, survived. That Christmas of 2008 was nothing out of the ordinary.  It just came into my head that maybe if my mother allows it, I would bring this little baby home for a Share-a-Home Christmas...well, to make a long story family fell in love with her and she stayed. The joy of Ella completes this truly blessed decade for me. What else is there to say but....Thank you, Lord!


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