'Twas An Amazing Year!

Who would have thought that the year that started so-so would turn out to be one amazing year?  The troubles and problems that came in  2009 continued to hound me at the beginning of 2010, so I was not really looking forward to another stressful year. My energy level was pretty low and I was at the threshold of another mid-life crisis.  Then, quietly, unobtrusively, subtlety...the air changed.   I don't exactly remember what or when or how...but suddenly, things seem better and life was actually fun again.  And it's not because life was easier or there were less challenges that were faced in 2010...on the contrary, there were more challenges faced at work and in my personal life but somehow, I got through it all feeling positive and energized.  Maybe because, attitudes changed and people come together to work for the common good. it has also been a year of reflections and healing...a spiritual year that gave me strength and a stronger faith. And if there is only one lesson that 2010 has given me...nothing is as it seems.  I hope this good feeling will continue on for 2011...it is the Year of the Rabbit...a year that promises to be quiet and peaceful year.


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