What Is Happening To Our World?

I've been busy...that's why I haven't had any entry since the end of January.  That plus the fact that the world seems to be out of sync...weather continues to be bad and it's March now but there are no signs of summer.  All these has added to my somewhat out of focus and disorganized days which I conveniently point out as a main reason for my busyness.  The restlessness I have felt since late last year, I attributed to another mid-life occurrence but now with all these events happening around the world, I am beginning to think like some people that there is some form of re-birth or a shift going on in the world.  There is this post by Anne Thomas that talks about an enormous cosmic evolutionary step that is occurring all over the world.  But for me it is more than that. I agree with the idea that there is a "wave of birthing" but I also strongly believe that God has a hand in all these.  The world has changed so much...everything is relative now-a-days. There is no real sense of right and wrong anymore.  Maybe this last disaster in Japan is a wake-up call for us.  This sad event has brought out the best out of people.  I firmly believe that God does not will bad things to happen to people but maybe he allows it happen for the people of the world to come together and open our minds, our hearts, our souls to what is essential in living a good life.  I don't pretend to be more moral than the next person but indeed today, the devil is alive and well in planet earth...


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