Leaving Amanpulo

My last day and I woke up late!  I took one look at the overcast sky and  knew that there will be no chance of swimming in the beach anymore.  We spent the rest of the morning packing our things and taking more pictures before lunch.  Our pizza themed lunch was initially scheduled at the picnic grove but due to the rain, venue was moved to the main clubhouse.  While there I checked out the library, boutique and swimming pool...bought some of the delicious smelling soap, the same one placed in our rooms, albeit a much bigger version.  These were 6x the cost of imported soaps but they smelled really heavenly and frankly, there was nothing cheaper to bring home as souvenir being sold in their boutiques!  There were nice keychains but no resort logo...in fact, the resort logo could only be found in a some caps, children's t-shirts (very small embroidery) and long sleeves rash guard swimwear.  I was told that Amanresorts which runs Amanpulo espouses simplicity and elegance. They do not make commercial use of their name.  The library was quiet and comfortable.  There was quite a large selection of reading materials from books to magazines.  I wanted to get a small coffee table book similar to that found in the casita but, there was none for sale.   The sun finally came out after lunch but by then we were all waiting for our plane ride back to Manila.  We left Amanpulo at 2:30 PM and this time, my view was better.  I was able to get a video of Taal Volcano and it's lake and approaching Manila, our plane was flying very low, that I imagined I could see my mom's ancestral home in Pasay.  I thought, what a great way end the weekend.


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