Postscript to Amanpulo

After experiencing Amanpulo, then what...

I have been to famous white beaches like Boracay and Panglao Island in Bohol and I have been to Miniloc Island of El Nido Resorts in Palawan as well as Apo Island in Negros Oriental, and honestly,  Pamalican Island's (home to Amanpulo) pristine white beach surrounding the island is not much different but, taking everything else into consideration, nothing else compares to what this breathtaking island has to offer.  For one, the island's owners and Amanresorts have seen to it the island's lush tropical surroundings, flora and fauna remained untouched.  I cannot say the same for the other famous beaches in the country. Whatever development made in the island was done in such a way that modern amenities built did not change its natural beauty nor cause destruction to nature. Our casita was surrounded by wild vegetation and we had a resident bayawak living in the rocks and trees but this did not in any way diminish the modern and upscale facilities and of course, superb service. In fact, I think it just added to the atmosphere of  exclusivity and leisure that the resort is known for.  It's like living close to the wild but knowing that civilization and comfort is just a step away.  The 2 nights and 3 days stay was really just a glimpse of what the island had to offer.  I was told that some guests stay for a month...lucky them! Being land bound and not too adventurous, Amanpulo is the ultimate place to stay for me when I want to get away from it all. I loved everything about it, especially the privacy, the peacefulness, the solitude along with all the comforts of modern life.  I even felt safe there inspite of my little fall and if not for the cost, I would go back in a heartbeat. For me, the ideal number of days to stay in the island is a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 7 days...I could not imagine staying longer, unless I relocate my life over there.  Actually, villas in Amanpulo are available for purchase and a few are actually privately owned and rented out during times when the owner do not use that is a thought ;-)

the beach view from casita 23

So what next? short stay in Amanpulo will always be my ultimate vacation in terms of location and service, but nothing beats spending leisure time in the company of family and loved ones and that's what I'll be doing next...a trip to the Island of Boracay with the kids before school opens in June. The island is crowded with many resorts from budget to 6-stars, as well as bars, shops, malls and even Starbucks!  If Amanpulo is for the likes of me...Boracay is for the kids.  The White Beach is still as pristine as Pamalican Island but the atmosphere is totally different, although once upon a time Boracay Island was like Pamalican Island.  I said not too long ago that Boracay today is like Manila with a beachfront...with the way this island is being indiscriminately developed, this beautiful beach may well go the way of Manila Bay.

Some information:
  • Getting there: It is best to book through a reputable travel agency or if you want to DIY, call/email the resort for inquiries or reservations. They are very helpful.  The take off point is from Manila. You go to the Amanpulo lounge/terminal located at the A. Soriano Hangar where guests  take the approximately 2 hours ITI chartered flight to the resort.
  • Things to bring: Travel light since everything is more or less provided for except for sunblock.  Money of course, debit or credit cards, your laptop or ipad since they have wifi, cellphone (fair to good signal), beachwear, casual attire for dinner (unless you are there for a wedding), camera and video camera and medicines/first aid supplies (just in case).
  • Curious about the cost?  Anywhere between Php 70,000 to Php 80,000 PER PERSON (for group package) for a 3 day, 2 night stay and more for those planning to stay longer.  They also offer honeymoon packages and discounts during non-peak season. Please check and contact their website for details.

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    1. Thanks for sharing! This is definitely in our bucket list. :)

    2. Wow! the cost for staying in Amanpulo is equivalent to a Two-way ticket to Europe or US! Amanpulo is actually one of my dream destinations. Also heard that Al Apcino owns a resort or island there..

    3. Thank you for the tips. These are very helpful especially that nowadays, there are various travel agencies trying to rip off travelers.

    4. It's commendable that the resort owners in Amanpulo have environmental integrity in mind. I just saw recently on TV how some resort owners in Boracay and Puerto Galera rape and destroy the environment. Ted Failon even showed a pool of feces very near the White Beach in P.Galera. Also, resorts in Sabang have no septic tank; they just have pipes leading up to the sea to dump their wastes. Yuck!

      Failon identified West Cove Resort in Boracay and Palangan in P.Galera (it's owned by the uncle of the mayor no less!) that do not have ECC (Environmental Compliance Certificate). Imagine, they built the resorts WITHOUT any permit from the government. The West Cove owner even proudly said that in Boracay they follow the build-now-permit-later policy. Susmariosep! Corruption indeed destroys the environment! The public should boycott these resorts.

      So it's refreshing to read something like this after watching that depressing report by Failon.

    5. preserving the island by going green is for itself beneficial for the resort owner.. more so for the long term goal of the business.
      Something that other resorts if various locations should understand.

    6. WOW Amanpulo!! I don't think I can ever afford to see this place.. I'll just stay in the neighboring island probably..

    7. I cannot afford for this kind of trip to Amanpulo. I'm just wishing in my dream that I've been there and enjoy the beautiful nature she could offer.

    8. If win the Lotto, first thing I will do is book my family for a 3 days 2 nights stay in Amanpulo. It looks like paradise indeed.:)

    9. Kudos to the resort owners of Amanpulo! I have to visit this place!

    10. What a sustainable system for eco-tourism. Maybe that makes this island so special because of the fact that there is a well-implemented regulation and guidelines. It is pricey to stay here I know, but if the preservation of the natural qualities of the island is to be considered, then I won't question that :)

      Starbucks and 6-star hotels? @-@ Awesome!

    11. Wow ang ganda pero how I wish you shared more photos.
      The place is so expensive too :o

    12. Wow!!! Amanpulo!! Kaya lang grabe naman ang Cost.. hehehe..
      Ilang place narin ang malalakbay ko sa halaga nayan..:)

    13. Hope may mas murang beach resorts around those parts...

    14. If going there is not so expensive, I'll could have include this in my bucket list. Imagine for 80K, I could have gone to Coron, El Nido, Puerto Princesa and still have enough money left (that's just me). ^_^

    15. Hope to visit amanpulo soon with my friends. Pero kailangan muna mag ipon hehe. Sana lang this year. Sarap lang mglakbay kung saan kaso syempre need ng budget para mas ma enjoy natin ang Vacation. My hotel or inn din dito for sure di ba? I will refer this to my friends. Thank you.


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