Boracay 2011

Boracay is totally changed since we visited in 2000. If at that time, the island already looked crowded, it has grown even bigger in terms of infrastructure and population, all in the name of progress.  The island's enchantment and purity in the 70's is all but gone. Once upon a time it was only people from Aklan who knew of its beautiful beach.  Of course, even the best kept secret does not stay a secret for long.  Eventually, the few settlers with land titles in the island decided to either develop, sell or lease their lands. Today, there are hundreds of resorts, both beach front or in-land, high end or budget type, varied restaurants, either local or franchised, coffee shops (yes, Starbucks is in Boracay), all kinds of bars, expensive boutiques ( I saw a Mango Outlet), and even food carts can be seen in Boracay.  I now call the place little Metro-Manila with a beachfront.  It is one big party place, THE PLACE to be seen not just in summer but at all times of the year.  If you're like me who likes privacy, peace and quiet for your vacation won't find it in Boracay.

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There is one thing that has not changed's Boracay's beautiful beach and famous sunset. Thank God, it's still there inspite of the island's fast growing development.

But, although I personally believe that this progress should slow down and local officials be more prudent in allowing too much development, I have to admit that allowing the island's multi-faceted growth has also made it very accessible to the public, unlike other private island resorts which are so expensive, only the rich and famous can enjoy their beauty. 

At the very least, Boracay offers everyone in all levels of society the chance to experience paradise.

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