Driving in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental

Driving in the highways of Negros Occidental and in the streets of Bacolod City can make a person crazy or delusional. Take me for example…a perfectly rational, calm and collected person most of the time…but when I’m driving there are many moments that I would have this big urge of getting out of my vehicle and become a traffic enforcer or a policeman or an LTO officer even for just a day. Why? Because I want to be able to catch these traffic violators that cross my path!
First on my list would be the PUV (jeepneys, mini-buses, tricycles…) who stop to get or drop passengers wherever they want even if it is on the middle of the road, 2nd are those drivers who violate simple traffic rules like cutting corners, no left turn, slow moving vehicles keep right, 3rd are the people who take up a lot of parking space leaving others with no place to park and 4th are the motorcycles and tricycles who hog the road when they should not even be there or use the sidewalk as a road, and then there's the pedestrian who crosses the street anywhere but the pedestrian lane, and takes all the time in the world to do so like they are strolling in a park or something. 

And let us not forget those police/traffic enforcers who do not do their job of managing traffic and implementing the rules, instead they gather at the side of the road, chatting (or texting) or just staring blankly at nothing.

…..now if only I could find a nice uniform to wear….

free fall...wheeeeeee!
My tricycle has as much right to be in the highway as any other vehicle! Kung kaya ninyo...kaya rin namin!

the motorcycle lane...kung saan ka makasingit, yun na yon!

Disclosure: This was copied from an original post written in 2007 with pictures added in 2011. It is now 2016 and NOTHING HAS CHANGED! What does that say about us?

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