Life After Termination: Inspired By Patch Adams, I Choose To Make A Difference

Last October 14, 2011, I received the arbitrary decision of dismissal without forfeiture of benefits after 29 years and  8 months of government service. Now I know how it feels to be intimidated, coerced and terrorized with trumped up administrative charges that is meant to dismiss, even though I have done nothing to deserve it. My conscience is clear.  So, I won't belabor this fact...except to say, I will of course fight for my rights. 

Ok, what next? How does one deal with sudden termination? I did not get angry although many people who know me were.  But I felt it was such a useless emotion because nothing that I did or did not do would change the outcome...I now realize that it was already a given from the start. Besides, like I said my conscience is clear.  I think what I felt was more like disappointment because I thought better of the committee members assigned to hear my case, that they were actually going to be fair and unbiased. I was wrong. And so my next thought was...oh, okay so that means I get more time off from work. The past few days I have been busy getting my life in order...without a regular income, there are major adjustments to be made not just in my life but my family as well.  It's been 12 days now and so far, so good. My family and I have a very simple lifestyle so it won't be too hard living on what we have.  I am also making arrangements to be able meet my financial obligations and I thank God that He is sending people to help me.  

Inspired by Patch Adams
As I was considering other options, a family friend sent my mother a card to show us her support and it dawned on me to ask her if I can use her clinic on days when she doesn't use it and she said yes! And the best part is that she uses it only on Wednesdays every 2 weeks, so I can have it for 3 hours every day.  What a blessing!  Ever since I heard Patch Adams speak many years back in Cebu City, I have been inspired in part by him, who to this day has not given up on his dream to provide free health care to people who cannot afford health insurance in America.   It's been more than 20 years since I had a private clinic because my job in government prohibited me from having a private practice, but even then when I still had one, I really did not know how to charge my patients.  This is one reason why I have stayed employed in government...I did not know how to make money out of my profession. My experience in the hospital reminds me of the sad reality of so many indigent people with little access to early disease detection due to financial constraints.  And so, my family and I made a decision that in my private practice now, I will not be charging a fixed consultation fee but only  accept what people can afford to give.  I will not refuse to see or treat people who cannot pay for health care. It's not just about altruism...but, it is time to give back all the blessings I have received and continue to receive because inspite of all the trials going on in my life, God has always been good and merciful to me.


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