Introducing: Ceres Pasalubong

(Before I begin, a disclosure: the owner and I share a common ancestor, making her a cousin of sorts, although we were made aware of this only about 2 or 3 years ago) 

The newest kid in the food market is Ceres Pasalubong. I first saw their outlet at their old north terminal several months ago, and I was very surprised...I mean the name Ceres is always equated with the bus line and never with food. So, out of curiosity and because someone told me that their hopia was really good (my family is hopia crazy), one day driving home to Silay, instead of going up the flyover, I went under it to pass by the Ceres north terminal and parked where their pasalubong tent was. I of course headed straight for the hopia. Wow...their hopia was triple the size of those in other stores! Unfortunately, they had no mongo (my personal favorite) at that time so I settled for the onion filling. 

I also bought their other goodies like the caramel tart which looked just the right color (some other brands looked a bit overcooked), and the sesame cookies which smelled good. The Verdict: Really Yummy!
Their hopia is definitely to die for. And the tart fillings tasted exactly as caramel should. The sesame cookies were also chewy aside from smelling and tasting good. All the products are of very good quality but most importantly, very reasonably priced for most people. The hopia for example costs Php8.00 per piece but it is big and very filling that I was only able to eat one with my coffee.  This I think is good value for my money, especially when I compare it to others which may cost cheaper but I have to consume 4 or 5 pieces to get full. They also sell meringue, piaya and bread products.  Their bread products range from hot pan de sal to loaf bread to specialty bread like ensaymada, tortitas and even special muffins that taste a lot like that expensive American brand I know.  They also have food to go for people on the move aka their passengers like siopao, cakes, cheeserolls, cupcakes, coffee buns and many others.  You can visit this and this page for a list of some of their products.  I have become a returning customer and I am saying all these not because I know the owner but because I think she has a good thing going here. My unsolicited advice...Keep it good...keep it affordable and Ceres Pasalubong will be here to stay.

(note: photos taken from the Ceres Pasalubong Facebook page)


  1. Hi I'm very interested with your products,are they available here in Manila. If so, kindly send me details here t my email ( and I would love to do a review of your pasalubong treats.

  2. Dear Ceres Pasalubong:

    I have to say thank you! I bought pudding, it only costs Php 7 but it just went down my throat without me asking for water----NOW THAT kind of quality only happens to big bakeries like Mary Grace in Manila with their PREMIUM prices---but hey I was paying dirt cheap prices for Ceres and it really tasted great!

    The Banana Cake just tasted as delicious as it smelled so delicious too. Your quality is really tops for your prices! I hope you become big someday.

    Kung Sabagay, Bacolod is really known for great treats. For us local tourists, Calea is one of a kind. I dont think there are a lot of The Fort bakeries that could run after the taste of Calea (or Felicia's) ...but then again the PRICE. No wonder in Lifestyle Magazines like The Philippine Tatler and the like---Negrenses are always mentioned as The French of Asia. More power! I love Bacolod.

    Ceres is an upcoming it! Small and humble but I know a jewel when I see one. Somebody really good must be behind this. Again, More Power. Talk about the Milk Cake of New Delhi Railways area....something like this...quality. Love it.

    Amir Singh

  3. Fantastic bakery! For the price and quality...quite surprised really. Love it! Kudos to the owner.


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