Laughing October Away

This is one bad October. First I lost my job, then the person leasing our small farm for the last 25 years wants to bail out even though he still has one milling season to go, and then we lost a dear family friend to cancer and now...probably the most annoying of all, our little girl's nanny left without a warning!!!  That is enough to put one in a really bad mood.

But, like the saying goes...Laughter is still the best medicine. There is always a funny side to bad things that happen in life...ALWAYS.

I am not saying that my problems will go away with laughter but when we learn to laugh at our troubles, we feel better and our outlook in life becomes more positive.  Laughter helps me to move on, forget regrets and be thankful for the good things instead of the negative.  A priest once said that we like to waste our time thinking about the if only's and the maybe's when we should just live in and improve upon the present. The if only's cannot change the past...what is past is past, leave it there.  The maybe's has not happened yet, so why do we worry about something that may or may not happen? So Live, LAUGH and Love...don't worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of itself.



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