Life Without A Nanny

My little girl's nanny whom we call Tata' asked permission to go for a day off last Tuesday November 1. She never came back. I hate it when they do this...she has been with us since May and although I can sense that she was getting tired of taking care of my active 3 year old daughter, I thought she would at the very least inform me that she was leaving before actually doing it. Oh well. Our 2 other househelp are now taking turns watching my little girl during the day while I take over after dinner to put her to bed. It was different with my son because I was much younger then and he was basically a docile (not exactly true anymore, but that is a different story), obedient child, quietly playing with his toys as long as he can see me within his range of vision. My little girl is different...she is adorable but she needs constant attention, talks incessantly, is very curious and gets easily bored. There is one thing my 2 kids share in common though...both of them won't go to sleep without me. And so, it is now our 7th nanny-less day...and we are all tired! When I say we...that includes me, my mom, my son and 2 househelps. Our routine has been totally disrupted...laundry has to be put on hold...and we have to take turns watching my daughter so that the other house chores can be done. My 21 year old son is the only one she obeys right away and the one in charge of getting her to take a nap. My mom who runs the house is stressed out because nothing seems to get done...she has resorted to buying lunch and dinner, since our cook is also now the laundry woman, while the laundry woman is now the temporary nanny. I can just imagine in other countries how difficult it is for families with little children where there is no househelp. At least in the Philippines, there is still some support system from parents or siblings when they are needed. It is during these times that I really appreciate our loyal and trusted househelp, I have not heard them complain in spite of the disarray.

Looking for a good nanny is difficult now-a-days especially since most of those looking for work would rather go to Manila or are inexperienced. But I don't mind inexperience because for me a good nanny is one who cares and love children, has patience to play and respond to the child. What we get is often someone who really do not have any of those traits but simply needs to work, so that when they get tired, they just leave. My little girl asked me where her yaya (nanny) was and I said she went home...the follow-up question was...where is her home and I said, far away...and my little girl asked sadly..."she left me?". I felt so bad and angry with her nanny. But tonight as I was putting her to sleep, my little girl asked..."Mommy, where is my yaya?" and I said...are you looking for your yaya Tata'? "No", she says, "the new one". "Oh. Okay...she's coming tomorrow".

Yes, we finally found one...Thank you GOD!!!


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