American Idol Again

I did not watch last year's American Idol simply because I thought most of the finalists were not that great.  Last year's Fil-Am finalist, Thia Megia had a sweet voice but it wasn't good enough to win.  A few voice lessons, more exposure and she will be great for broadway.  This year however is a slightly different story.  The season 11 batch has another Fil-Am, Jessica Sanchez who I think has a good fighting chance to win the title.  Although her biography states that she has a Filipino mother and a Mexican father, she looks very Asian.  I guess her Mexican blood must have more Mayan genes than Spanish :)  But just like Mexico, the Philippines was also colonized by Spain. We share a common heritage and history in the galleon trade.  Check out her rendition of "I will always love you".

 Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas, Viva Mexico!


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