Crazy Weather, Tornado, A Leaking Roof And Earth Hour

We have been experiencing really crazy weather the past week.  I don't know if I should be grateful that the dry season isn't really going to be dry, which is good for the farms and the grass; or scared because summer should be here by now and it is still raining and quite heavily too. What is even more weird is the fact that yesterday at mid-day, a "buhawi/ipu-ipo" (tornado) hit the areas around The Bacolod Doctor's Hospital, St. John's Institute and the back portion of the University of St. La Salle, uprooting trees, throwing off billboards, ripping off rooftops and damaging properties.
Retrieved from (original post by member Boy Muscovado)
flying debris are GI sheets, glass and wood 
(picture taken from behind The Doctor's Hospital)
besides the old Ceres North Terminal (photo retrieved from GMA news)
USLS parking lot besides the football field
another view (Bayan Mo, Ipatrol mo)
And to top it all, because of the heavy rainfall, the ceiling right over my bed starts to leak (a small drop every 5 or 10 minutes) when there is non-stop rain for more than 30 minutes and the worst part is that our handyman cannot go up the roof because of the rain. So I just have to grin and bear it until the sun comes out and it is safe to go up...SIGH!

All these are clear signs of climate change. We are not talking about a few April showers but torrential summer rain and tornadoes! If a few years back, we would only read and think about it, it is happening now and right in our own backyard. What more does it take for us to move and do our part to protect our earth, our home?  This is the message of Earth Hour. On Saturday, March 31, 2012 we are all enjoined to switch off our lights for one hour from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, local time.  This event is a reminder for us about the need to take action on climate change.  This is the fifth time that my family and I are participating.  In 2008, we were the only house in our street to turn off our lights...last year our next door neighbor turned off their lights together with us. We will have a barangay meeting tomorrow and I will campaign for, hopefully this year, we will have more houses turning out their lights.

2012 Campaign "I WILL IF YOU WILL"


  1. Our bipolar weather is what keeps me and my family avid protectors of our earth. We also make sure to join in on the yearly Earth Hour. I mean, we also make it a point to segregate our garbage and save on electricity when possible. I just really hope the rest of the world will finally wake up from these consistent tragedies.. we need to save our planet!


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