El Nido Resorts, Palawan - A Trip of Many Firsts

In the summer of 2007 I was invited to be part of a group that went to El Nido Resorts. Back then I was blogging intermittently and was not yet on Facebook.  As I reviewed my travel pages here, I realized that I never wrote about my trip to this beautiful resort that was doubly memorable, because it was a trip of many firsts for me.

 The first time I went on a leisure trip with friends instead of family.  

  The first time ever that I rode a small plane, a 19 seater Dornier aircraft which landed in Lio Airport, El Nido 

  The first time that I entered an exclusive island resort. This is the view of Miniloc Island from the speedboat.

 The first time I went inside a cave... the cathedral cave because there seems to be an altar inside
  The first time I went snorkeling and kayaking...there is a separate story to this experience, needless to say I came out of it alive and smiling :)

Back then, only the islands of Miniloc and Lagen (one of the sites used for an episode of The Amazing Race) were developed by El Nido Resorts.  We were booked at Miniloc Island.  As we moved along the bay, the other islands surrounding it were even more beautiful with their long stretches of white sand beaches compared to Miniloc which had a very narrow shoreline.  At that time however, these islands were used either as picnic grounds, for romantic dinners, or private parties. One of those was Pangulasian where we had a private party the evening we arrived. The island was bare except for lounging chairs, picnic tables and a pavilion, where we were treated with a sumptuous dinner buffet and local entertainment.  This breathtaking island where both sunrise and sunset can be seen has since been developed into another El Nido exclusive luxury resort.

Pangulasian Island before sunset
Sunset at Pangulasian
Pool Villa in Pangulasian (taken from El Nido Resort website)

There is still a fourth relatively new resort run by El Nido Resorts in Apulit Island.  While the three other resorts (Miniloc, Lagen, Pangulasian) are all located in the El Nido area and in Bacuit Bay, Apulit Island Resort is in Taytay, Northern Palawan and accessible via CLR airport.

This was my first visit to Palawan and it was an idyllic vacation for me...the kind that was far from the usual crowd of beach goers.  And best of all it was the first time I went on vacation where I was essentially incommunicado from the rest of the world. Peace and quiet for 3 days, where work concerns could not reach me...thank God! 

Someday, I hope to go back, maybe this time to one of those pool villas in Pangulasian :)  The next time around may no longer be a time of many firsts, but I will always be awed by the beauty and wonder of the islands of El Nido.



  1. Merl, these are beautiful pitures. Thanks for sharing your Palawan escapade. Haven't the chance to visit Palawan but we do have the best beaches in the Phils.

  2. Wow, I was just researching on their Pangulasian resort! Anyway, have you heard of the Tao expedition in Palawan? Seems a good alternative to the typical beach vacays we all are used to. :)

    1. hi Abie, according to a friend and fellow blogger who just got back, Pangulasian is still unfinishe (75% complete) but will be open to those interested in October. I heard of the Tao adventure but I think it is too physical for me...di kaya bg powers ko. hahahaha. Thanks for dropping by :)

      Maritel (merlmd)

  3. Ganda talaga ng palawan! Wew summer is more fun in palawan, tnx for posting this

  4. Miniloc and Lagen are actually two of my dream destinations. But since the rates are really heavy on the wallet, I doubt that I'll be able to visit anytime soon. I've seen plenty of photos of both resorts from friends, and I always grow envious of their trips. Both are such beautiful havens! =)

  5. wow!! the cave looks amazing swell as the sunset!! love that pool villa as well! xx

  6. They say you never forget the first time. This experience is quite unforgettable. Still haven't been to Palawan, which is a shame. I really should go to also have my unforgettable first time. :)

  7. IT's nice to know that you already found time to blog about this and it is worth it as I see it. :) El Nido is so much blessed with beauty and it deserves to be known.

  8. the wonders of PALAWAN are engaging, just fantastic...
    your photos are captivating.
    no wonder it is a place worth visiting by many and setting ones foot on its ground is a dream come true.

  9. very nice shots ha, especially the beaches :D

  10. ..never been to any part of Palawan province. :| hope i could step on to El Nido sooN!

  11. Super in love pa rin ako sa El Nido,
    I was there last year around June - had a time to visit Miniloc as well.
    I intend to go back this year around same month..
    Though I've been to Coron already, EL Nido is quite different as the best beaches are here. :)

  12. Kagaganda ng mga pictures! hays sarap talaga mag travel :-( Palawan is the place to be! I miss Palawan!

  13. Sobrang daming first ... at least it was a good one for you.

  14. It looks absolutely fantastic. BTW nice photo shoots.

  15. i wonder when would I get to post my firsts also...hihi getting excited now.


  16. i haven't been to el nido yet though i hope to do so when i go to palawan :)
    the caves are just wonderful too.
    take care

  17. Until now...I still can't get over my El Nido trip. I have been to Phuket lately and I must say that EL Nido is equal if not better than the beaches there.

  18. Blogwalking again! I super like Palawan. Balita ko ang dami tourist pumupunta ng Palawan ngayon!

  19. Ang ganda talaga ng Palawan..Hope to visit this place again.

  20. Palawan is indeed a beautiful place.

  21. My biggest dream is to travel on this beautiful Island in the Philippines the El Nido, Palawan, I always seen this on photos but the curiosity and eagerness to visit this place is always in my mind. Hope to travel this place soon. Thanks.


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