My ZALORA Wishlist

I have not opened my e-mail for 2 days and when I did yesterday, I found an invitation from Nuffnang to join the "My ZALORA Wishlist" contest. 
Hey, Nuffnangers!

Wish to expand your wardrobe without depleting your funds? Join "My Zalora Wishlist" Contest!

Why, this contest is right up my alley! And so, I excitedly logged on to the ZALORA website to check what yummy items they have that I could put on my wishlist.  You see, I love to buy clothes, bags, shoes and everything else, not just for myself but for my entire family, however because of problems at work, I had to suddenly curb my spending.  For the last 8 months I have not been getting any salary and therefore, not having enough resources for "wants", I don't go shopping anymore unless it is for something really necessary.  Last week I was in the mall to run some errands for my mom while she waited in a coffee shop.  When I got back to her with the things she asked me to buy, she looked at me with a grin telling me that I looked like I was enjoying myself so much.  She knows how much I liked buying so that even if I was not shopping for myself that day, the fact that I was able to shop at all just made me happy!  Joining this contest is such fun since it allowed me to go "shop" for the products I like, albeit for a contest.  What surprised me is the fact that there are so many great and affordable items in ZALORA because I thought shopping online was more expensive than buying in regular stores. Well, I was wrong.  There are so many great finds in ZALORA and if only I can, I'd love to have them all. But I am a practical person and since I can only choose five items for my ZALORA wishlist, here are the things that I would love to have for myself, my mom, my brother and my son...things that will be useful and long-lasting and not too expensive to make me feel guilty for having them. 

1. Kipling K Molde  - I need a big bag for all the things I carry on me from pens to notebooks to camera

2. Sta Barbara Stainless Steel - my mom needs a new watch and she would love to have this

3. Esprit Sunglow Silver - my brother had always been happy with hand me down watches so it's about time he gets a brand new one

4. Esprit Charming Dear Silver - in my line of work my watches are the practical but ugly looking ones, now that I am out of it, I think I deserve a dress watch, don't you?

5. Feiyue Fe-AS-Series WAXY Leather - my son has been wearing the same sneakers for the last 3 years and is due for a new one but because I am out of work, he would just bring his shoes to the repair man and voila, they get a new lease on sneaker life!

So there you are, this is my ZALORA Wishlist. For those who like to go shopping like me, why don't you visit ZALORA, it is a gold mine of great deals. They have everything for everyone! Honestly, if I knew about their website when I still had a job, I would be one happy and loyal customer. As it is, I can only wish for now and I believe that if one prays hard enough...wishes do come true.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I'll go now and do my shopping as well.

  2. I totally love that pair of shoes.

  3. Which reminds me, I should start making my Zalora wishlist too.:) Love the kipling bag!

  4. lovely wishlist! and nice choice of watch

  5. It seems like Zalora is all over the web these days, and I visited the site and there's not much to choose from. The price tags don't seem reasonable.

  6. 3rd watch is too cute!! nice bag as well!! i've been hearing the name of kipling everywhere!! must be really a great bag! xx

  7. I'd love to try out there shoes.

  8. Those are nice stuff:-)Hope you win doc! God bless.


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