Why Internet Marketing Matters For Small And Medium Enterprises

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Yesterday, my mom's friend called me for help on how to do internet marketing for her small business.  I did not know that she even had one because she is more or less retired, but surprisingly she makes these Filipino-themed T-shirts decorated with hotfix crystals which she markets at a local showroom for the last two years. She told me that most of her buyers were either OFW's, balikbayans and tourists, and not the local residents, which made her realize that if she wants her business to continue, then she has to bring her products to the global marketplace. When she learned that I was a blogger she immediately thought that I might be interested to help her set up a website for her business. I said yes without hesitation, since I believe that in this day and age, putting up a website for a business whether big or small is a not only good practice but a necessity. 2011 statistics on internet usage show that the percentage of internet users is 32.7% of the world population. Translated into numbers that is almost 2.3 billion people online everyday. Even if you can only reach 0.1% of that number of people, you will have 2,300,000 viewers of your site! And there is no doubt that some of these viewers will become customers.  And the best part is, if one is just starting out, you do not have to spend a lot of money in putting up a website for a small and medium enterprise (SME).  There are a lot of social networking sites out there that offers cost-free services where you can sell your goods and services be it through web profiles or pages, blogs, picture-sharing, etc. The online possibilities are endless and for those who want their business to have that added advantage and continuous growth, the internet is the place to be today and tomorrow.

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  1. I am also into business, and I've been exposed to this kind of marketing and had benefitied much on it, there are still points to be considered, like safety and the truth behind the products being marketed. More buyers still have this in mind " to see is to believe."

  2. Yes technology can either make us or break us. Doing research to further one's knowledge will always keep you safe and secure as to the veracity of all the thoughts and ideas around us. Technology and Marketing must go hand in hand. But extra responsibility must be observed too.

  3. Internet Marketing is one of the most effective way of introducing your product.

    But i agree with Joy with the safety and truth behind the product.... Everyone is being careful nowadays.. so you really need a good plan to sell your products.

  4. I'm planning to begin a business too and I agree that internet marketing really matters specially for startups.

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