Dreaming Of A Kansas City Home

A home is where the heart is...

One story of home that touched my heart was The Wizard of Oz. I loved how an orphan girl found her way back home to her family in rural Kansas and along the way learned important lessons in life. While the young Dorothy had dreamed of going home, I'm sure the adult Dorothy would find a good Kansas City real estate company to help her buy a new home for her beloved Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, no longer a farmhouse but one with a single-level ranch style perhaps, that would keep them safe and comfortable in their golden years.

As a young girl I was obsessed with home designs and also dreamed of having a beautiful, elegant home in the future. But as I grew older (and wiser), I also realized that it was not enough to just have a nice house, the more important consideration by now was to have a home where people can grow old in. I did not want one like our ancestral house that proved unsafe for my grandmother.  And so, when I decided to build a house in the late '80's, I wanted one designed with safety features but without necessarily sacrificing on aesthetics.   Choosing from several designs, I settled on a one level bungalow without any stairs or steps.  It is a compact house with 4 bedrooms, 3 T/B, a medium sized living/dining/kitchen area and a sun room.  Building this house is one the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  Although it was built with only four people in mind to live in it, today aside from my aging mother who has moderate osteoarthritis, and a partially handicapped younger brother, I also share my home with my wheelchair-bound aunt. I still have my 21 year old son living with me and an active 4 year old daughter plus 3 househelpers, a black labrador, two turtles and a stray cat.  Most definitely, a full house!

Indeed, it may not be the house of my dreams but, it is a home where dreams continue to be made.   Dorothy's right..."there's no place like home".

This is a sponsored post for Remax, however, all the points and views are my own.


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