Remembering My Hongkong Trip c.1993

The very first time I went overseas was in November 10, 1993.  The place: Hongkong.  The company: my mom and brother, together with a distant aunt and her grand-daughter.  The purpose: primarily for pleasure but also to escort home our father's first cousin, a Good Shepherd nun who was ending her assignment there.  We took the CEBU-HK Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight going there and a Cathay Pacific (CX) flight coming back.  The rationale for taking 2 airlines was because my auntie-nun bought a one-way CX ticket for her trip home while we wanted to ride PAL. Well, I thought that's a good way to check out both least I can say later I have experienced them both.

That was twenty-nine years ago...well, almost.  I have not gone back since then and probably never will. My friends who love the place (and from what I read in blog posts) tell me that Hongkong today has not really changed much except that they have Disneyland now and more places to shop.  For someone who prefers to shop in her own country, that is not enough of an enticement.  I basically travel to see places, to relax, to expand my outlook in life. Shopping is the least of my motivation for travel.

My photo album was falling apart so I decided to transfer all the pictures to a new one. Looking at the photos, I felt nostalgic about that 5-day "vacation on impulse". It was a time when I was much younger and my mom was still physically fit to travel.  Unlike my more recent travels, this was the real first travel experience for me...first passport, first ride on a big jetplane, first immigration experience, and more.  Since activating this blog, I have written about all my recent trips but not about my very first one.  Well, it's about time I do. 



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