Felicia's Pastry Cafe and Steak Room

Last July 27, Mark Magallanes of RepublicaNegrense came home to Bacolod for business and pleasure. On his itinerary was doing food reviews of famous and not-so famous food establishments in Bacolod and so, he invited some local bloggers to join him. I chose to go to Felicia's Cafe and Steak Room in 6th Street. Remember my post, about how happy I was to see that Felicia's opened a branch at Robinson's Central Citywalk and why I have never been to their main store yet? Well, now was my chance to go with a group and at the same time get to meet other bloggers.

It was a hectic day as it was also the opening of Sabor Bisaya, the yearly food expo and culinary competition held in Negros Occidental. I also had a luncheon meeting with some alumni of the USLS College of Medicine to plan for the first homecoming in December. After our meeting I went back to Bacolod Pavillon to pick up Mark and proceeded to Felicia's. Parking this time was easy as there was a space right in front of the Cafe. We were met by their captain and were ushered into the Steak Room, a very cozy place right besides their pastry cafe. There was also another room which can be used for board meetings and small parties.

Felicia's Steak Room (photo courtesy of Diana Lopez)

Glady Tomulto-Reyes of Experience Negros and Diana Lopez of Sugarcane Nomads joined us for an evening of good food and great conversation.  As we introduced one another, our host and one of the owners/chef of Felicia's, Vince Macasa arrived.  Since I am not really an experienced food blogger, he was very gracious and explained every dish in detail. 

Organic Greens Salad w/ poached pears, cambozola cheese & pecans(P170)
For starters, we had this really delicious looking salad, Organic Greens Salad w/ poached pears, cambozola cheese & pecans. I was not very familiar with the cheese but it tasted good.  Overall, the salad had just enough crunchiness and flavor with the dressing having the right mix of sweetness and sourness.

Prawn Gambas (P180)
Poutine Fries (P150)
I love that their Gambas used fresh medium sized prawns instead of shrimp, and by far the best I have ever tasted. The Poutine Fries is actually french fries with gravy and cheese, French-Canadian style. This is the first time I even heard of Canadian fries ;)

Grilled beef medallion steak a la Chateaubriand (P580)
I am not a steak lover but this Grilled Beef Medallion steak a la Chateaubriand was really very good. Glady and I loved it! I like my beef well-done and this was prepared medium-rare but, I would come back for this again and again.

Beef and Mushroom Salpicao (P185)
Fried Spareribs (P150)
Next were the Beef Salpicao and Fried Spareribs which looked simple in presentation, but not in taste. The beef was very tender, almost melting in the mouth and it had lots of minced garlic and mushrooms which I liked.

Baked Norwegian Salmon w/ onion aioli (P630) photo courtesy of Mark Magallanes

Last but not the least, was the Baked Norwegian Salmon which Mark really liked.  I like my fish small and this was huge! I don't think I got to taste this because I was so full by this time.

But even if I could not eat another mouthful, Felicia's desserts will make any mortal person (meaning me) commit gluttony...take a look at these gorgeous pastries.

 dulce de leche
 frozen mango mousse (P80)

We had a taste of these "to die for" treats too.

pili crumble (P18 per piece)

almondettes (P14 per piece)

Ensaimada (P95)

It was an evening not only of good food but lessons learned as well.  Why lessons? I have always been under the impression that Felicia's was an expensive place and for fine dining only.  I was so wrong.  Notwithstanding the classy decor and ambiance, it was pleasantly surprising to find that all these gastronomic delights are well within the budget of the average person. In one word, bravo!

For those living in Manila and it's environs, Felicia's will be in Manila for the Negros Trade Fair 2012 in Rockwell Tent, Makati starting Sept 25, 2012.  All these pastry treats and more will be available in the venue.  Enjoy!

The amiable and charming Chef Vince Macasa

Location: 6th Street, DOLL Building, Bacolod CityTelephone
Number:  (034) 433-6586
Hours: Mon to Thurs, 9 AM - 11PM
          Fri to Sat, 9 AM - 11:45 PM
          Sunday, 9 AM -11PM

website: http://www.bestofnegrosisland.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Felicias.pastry.cafe

My Rating: 4/5


  1. I really want to visit Bacolod.. so many reasons to visit and now this restaurant is one of them na.

  2. Would like to try this one once I'm in Bacolod. The pastries looks really good.

  3. Nice place. Good Food. Hope they will visit Davao too.

  4. Great to hear that they are coming here to Manila for the Negros Occidental event. Would definitely love to try out their pili desserts.

  5. The desserts! I love them especially dulce de leche.

  6. All food above are already familiar to me.. except for one! That intriguing Poutine Fries. whoah never heard of them. How does it taste?

  7. looks like you had a delicious meal! all healthy foo for your diet.

  8. My weakness in food has always been the sweets. The dulce de leche and pili crumble look especially delicious.

  9. mambas my faveortie and salad! yumyum! xx

  10. I will visit Felicia once I am in Bacolod for sure...

  11. Been in Bacolod many times but wasn't paying much attention to what really Bacolod can offer yet I am impressed of what I've seen on those days that I was there. Had important things to do first at that time than leisure itself so the next visit would be for leisure already.

  12. Sarap! I want to try this resto. The food looks very appetizing!


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