Samurai X

After waiting for 4 months, my son and I were finally able to watch Samurai X aka Rurouni Kenshin last December 7.  The live action movie did not disappoint.  Of course, it was not exactly like the anime, but the essential elements were there...the blinding speed, the haunting scenery, the fight scenes (I do not condone violence but somehow in this movie, in spite of the blood and gore, the death scenes were somehow "dignified") and all the important characters. 

Live Action Poster
Anime Poster

The film starred Takeru Sato and was directed by Keishi Ohtomo.  The characterizations were very well done like Kamiya and Megumi who looked exactly like their anime counterpart.  But some costumes of the antagonists were not quite as accurate and there was one gun scene which I don't remember seeing in the anime.

Rurouni Kenshin was theatrically released on August 25, 2012 in Japan, grossing over $36 million in that country and over $60 million worldwide as of November 2012. SM Cinemas had exclusive rights to the movie in the country, which started showing nationwide last December 5, 2012 with extended shows in some malls (it is still on SM City Bacolod as of today). 

With it's worldwide success, I'm sure this will be made into a series and fans will be happily await the next chapter.  The DVD copy will be released on December 26, 2012.


  1. samurai got a huge worldwide reputation, like wushu its a must in an action film ether tech new or old.

  2. Samurai X has a great following. Haven't watched it though so I might just be able to watch it once its out on DVD.

  3. Ha ha ha. I love kenshin himura and I've been itching in re-watching the entire Samurai X anime but I think I will see this one first.

  4. Still I have the difficulty in appreciating Anime movies, maybe because my two girls love to watch DISNEY MOVIES.

  5. I hope to really watch this in any way possible, big fan of Samurai X, the version of Kaoru is beautiful, lovely

  6. I've been a fan eversince. And yes, I saw the movie already. And would to see it again. Haha!

  7. I can sense that this is a must-see film. I love action-packed movie so I definitely have to give ample time to watch Samurai X.

  8. I haven't seen this movie, but I can hear a lot of positive reviews about Samurai X.



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