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This isn't the first time that the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. got invited to an appreciation  party but this is the first time that we all had fun!  Last January 25, 2013, Globe hosted a Media and Blogger's Night at 21 Restaurant.  In attendance were media practitioners from print, television and radio and of course, the bloggers group.  You know, it never ceases to surprise me that companies, organizations, festival organizers and even politicians now look at bloggers as a "force" that can influence public opinion and even effect change.  In the past not many people read blogs, but that is no longer true now-a-days.  Bloggers are now seen as good sources of publicity, which more often than not is unsolicited and may be good or bad.  When I started blogging, this was the farthest from my fact, it never even entered my head. To this day blogging for me is just another way to express my thoughts and is not about anything else.  In fact, during media events where bloggers are invited, I feel a little self-conscious when we get acknowledged together with mainstream media because I know that I have not earned the credentials of being a media practitioner or even a semblance of one.  At best I am a ''citizen journalist", as termed by  So to my media friends, thank you for looking at us with benevolent eyes.  It will be a long time before we can hope to achieve even just half of your experience.  I am sure that to many, we are eager beavers and can be an annoying lot (winning most games and prizes...heheh), but please bear with us since this is an all too new experience for most of us; we promise to be more circumspect next year. ^_^

Thank you to Globe Telecom officers and the PR Works staff who made sure that everyone enjoyed themselves, namely: Ms. Yoly Crisanto- Head, Globe Corporate Communications, Mr. EJ Francisco-External Affairs Manager, Corporate Communications (our emcee), Mr. Jerry Yntig, Head, External Affairs - VisMin and of course, Ms. Doris I. Mongaya, Managing Director of PR Works.   Looking forward to the many next times :)

Thank you fellow bloggers Maricar Dabao and May Castro for sharing your pictures.

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