Milestones: My Children's Graduation

My children Big Brother and Preemie Girl had their graduations this year.  Big Brother finished his Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies last October 2012 yet, but he is included in the 2012-2013 annual yearbook since there are no semestral graduations at the University of St. La Salle.  He no longer joined the graduation ceremonies last March because he has started working last January and could not get time off. I am very proud of him and so grateful that God has blessed him with a well paying first job :) And my daughter Preemie Girl?  Well, she also had her culmination ceremony, with a recognition award.......from Kindergarten! Hahaha!

Time flies so fast.  Looking at Big Brother and Preemie Girl now, I often wonder where the years went because it does not seem so long ago when I posted here about the kids in my life.  Preemie Girl was not with us yet.  There was just Big Brother, my nephew Brainy Boy and niece, Aloof Girl.  Aloof Girl also graduated from high school this March and ranked 3rd among more than 80 students.  Now that they are all growing up, life is also no longer as easy and simple but then, that's the challenge of life.   My fervent prayer is for my children (yes, including my nephew and niece) to become good persons, conscientious and moral who will help make the world a better place and in the end, earn their place in heaven for a life well led.

To the loves of my life, Big Brother, Preemie Girl, Brainy Boy and Aloof Girl, here is a beautiful Irish blessing I found that reflects Mommie's /Tita Nana's wishes for you. God be with you always.


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