Spice Kitchen, Mexican Food And Margaritas

Who likes Mexican food?  I do!  And so when the chance to check out Spice Kitchen, a restaurant in Bacolod specializing in Mediterranean/Mexican food, I immediately said yes.  I was familiar with the name since they have a food booth at the University of St. La Salle covered court and I have tried their rice meals there.  I would usually get their chorizo or sausage rice.  And so, it is good that they have decided to open a regular restaurant where people can sit, be comfortable and enjoy delicious food and great company.
photo retrieved from www.mamacooks.info

First on the menu was this plateful of nachos.  I am a terrible food photographer so I grabbed some of the pictures taken by Sigrid Lo of  Mama Cooks (great blog, great photos).  The nachos were crispy and the salsa/meat combination was tender and not really spicy unless you put a lot of chili sauce in it. This was a great appetizer to start the evening.

photo retrieved from www.mamacooks.info
Next was another appetizer, the shawarmitas, so called because it was a combination of mexican (nachos) and mediterranean (shawarma) flavors.  This had more spice than the mexican nachos.

Beef Chimichanga P70
Eating Mexican food will not be complete without chimichanga, a deep-fried burrito that is popular in the US.  There are many urban legends regarding it's origins but technically it is classified as a Tex-Mex cuisine.  Spice Kitchen's version is saucy, mildly spiced with lots of cheese.  I love it!

Spice Kitchen's owner is banker Leica Lim, chef, R & D rolled into one.  She offered us their "to die for" strawberry margaritas which brought a big smile to my face.  I think I gulfed down about 3 of these...LOL!

chicken kebabs

cheese steak burrito P70
sizzling shawarmas P110

breakfast burritos-spiced sausage P70
I ate a little of everything and I like them all, but my favorites are the chimichanga, the sausage burritos and of course, the really yummy (if you can call an alcoholic drink, yummy) margaritas.

The restaurant is informal, small and cozy. There is an airconditioned room available at the back that can sit about 8-10 people comfortably. A 10% charge is added to your bill for the use of this room. Parking may be a problem during the day since it is located on the short street on the right of Riverside Medical Center, at the Nolan Building, right after Chow King if you come from North Drive. They open everyday from 9 AM to 9 PM except Sundays. Food prices are very reasonable and they also accept deliveries within neighboring areas, but you have to call ahead of time since they have limited staff as of now. You may call them at telephone number 476-9575.

Lastly, thank you Sigrid and Dennis Lo for inviting me and to the rest of my blogger friends, Glady, Ric and Martin...hasta la vista!


  1. haha nag blush ako sa great blog, great photos. Thanks for posting this, Doc. Twas good that I just ate egg sandwich otherwise I would be scrambling to go there for a chimichanga. LOL

    1. hahaha...you do have a great blog Sig :)

  2. The food looks delicious and savory to my taste buds. My favorite food, shawarma is the best pic here. Tara Lets Eat!

  3. I long to eat these mexican foods... they're spicy. I have never tasted them yet. I am just contented of our local foods.

  4. Oh so yummy mexican Nachos- my mouth literally waters! Will check this place once i get back to bacolod :) Thanks for sharing

  5. I like Mexican foods since they have light and spicy options for meals.

  6. The food looks delish though I am not a fan of spicy food because of my sinus :-( It has been awhile since I had margarita too. It looks like the food is affordable which is awesome :-)


  7. Those foods looks yummy, especially sizzling shawarmas, love it!

  8. shawarma is one of my faves so i'd say i love mexican food but i have never really tried dining in one. the food photos you shared all look delicious + they are making me hungry now! :)

  9. looks very delectable. I wish to visit Bacolod one day.

  10. There are some Mexican food that I like but not those spicy ones :-)It's an acquired taste for me.


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