The Perfect Sound By Sennheiser

Is there such a thing as a perfect sound?  That is a question Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser and his team of engineers sought to answer when he founded  Labor W or “Laboratorium Wennebostel” in 1945.  Now known as SENNHEISER, a private German company specializing in audio electronics, the company's Asia Regional Office in Singapore was formed in 1992 to oversee the entire Asian market and coordinate activities with distributors in Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the islands of Maldives and Mauritius.   And now, they are in Metro Bacolod, the first time they have opened a store outside Manila.

Last July 19, 2013, Sennheiser through their brand officer, Mr. Richard Sabado, invited some local bloggers to attend a Listening Event for Sennheiser Momentum at The District North Point in Talisay City. This is the first time I have heard of Sennheiser, so it was with great curiosity that I decided to come to the event. I also like listening to music but since I am no audiophile, I brought my son and nephew along to teach me the technical aspects. This was what awaited us.

the new MOMENTUM from Sennheiser’s Style Selection
HD 700

We registered and met Richard and settled in while waiting for the program to begin.  There were several videos presented, one of which told the history of Sennheiser and showed the high quality of technology used in making their headphones and headsets. They are not just producing audio products but shaping the future with their leading innovations, trailblazing ideas and technological milestones.  I was impressed, more so when I tested the MOMENTUM,  the sound was pure and clear, the headband and earpads were soft and comfortable to wear.  And it has a 3.5 mm stereo plug that can be connected to all current media players, so there is no need for any adaptor.  It was indeed the nearest to the perfect sound that I have ever experienced.

Some of the photos above were taken by my nephew, who by the way was one of the lucky winners of the many earphones that were raffled of.   I asked him how he liked them and he goes..."uhmm, they're good". That remark coming from someone who rarely gets excited over anything is equal to a commendation.  The afternoon was a great learning experience for me and gave me a real appreciation of earphones and headphones.  The next time I buy one I would know what qualities to look for, and although a bit pricey, a Sennheiser would certainly be a top choice.  In fact after the event, I went to check out their stock at the i-Store on the second floor but they ran out of the earphones I wanted.   

The MOMENTUM and other Sennheiser headphones are available only through the i-Stores and Sennheiser store in SM Bacolod.


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