MassKara 2013, Under New Management

The 2013 Masskara Festival is under new management!  This is the 33rd year of the festival and the new organizer is the Kasadya Bacolod Foundation, Inc. led by its chairman and MassKara Festival Director Mr. Rhoderick Samonte, who according to news feeds, has said that they are working with a minimum budget but, they will try their best to make this year’s festival distinct from past festivals.  For one, they are returning the Trini Lopez Medley, which was used first in 1988. Admittedly the latino medley is very upbeat and rhythmic, but the original music created for last year's Masskara had a distinct local beat and is Bacolod's own. And so, I think the 2012 music should have been retained, given some improvement and remixed.  Listen to both versions which I uploaded below and let me know what you think.

Masskara 2012 Theme

The MassKara 2013 theme is “Rediscover and Celebrate Bacolod” and the festival starts today, October 1 until October 20, 2013.   I am attending the festivities for the 3rd time in a row and since this year is also the 75th birthday of Bacolod as a city, expectations are indeed high. To the Kasadya Bacolod Foundation, Inc...keep calm, good luck and let the party begin!

The schedule of activities and updates can be found in Bacolod MassKara Festival FB page:

MassKara Na...Kit-anay ta sa Bacolod!


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