The Sharpiest

I love comics. In fact I used to have a huge collection in high school up until my first year in college, so that my mother eventually had them all bookbound and categorized from classics to action to comedy. Unfortunately, I have very little talent in drawing, so whatever ambition I had in that field never materialized. But when my nephew started drawing short comic strips in grade school, I thought, "hey this kid got talent". The illustrations were good and the stories were imaginative, but I did not pay much attention thinking it is hobby he would outgrow.  Then last year he started a comic blog which he calls, The Sharpiest

Why "The Sharpiest"? Well, this is what it says in it's about page..
The Sharpiest is an unpopular comic with mediocre art and unfunny jokes by equally unpopular, mediocre, and unfunny twitter-joke writer, illustrator, and sci-fi/fantasy geek Bryce Ledesma. It is updated irregularly and usually almost always isn't worth it. Sometimes he gets lucky and puts out a fairly okay comic that might evoke a giggle or two, but nothing more. Visit the comic if you are a glutton for punishment and have a fetish for disappointment. Also, the artist is butt-ugly.
I know he's my nephew and anything I say about him will constitute conflict of  interest, but I think his comics is funny and I have been encouraging him to keep it going. Of course being young and still clueless on what he really wants, he is into all sorts of interest, and comics is just one of those. But with his wit, talent and brillant mind, who knows where this will take him?  Another Dilbert, perhaps?


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