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My love affair with ZALORA Philippines began one year and a month ago and it's been a joy shopping with them.  Since then, I have made numerous purchases from clothes to bags to accessories, and I have been a happy shopper ever since.  I think I now buy 60% of my clothes from them!

This surprised me, because I was never an avid on-line shopper and to this day I continue to be wary of doing business on-line, but with Zalora, it felt safe and easy.  Why?  I believe it because of several factors, but primarily trust and reliability come to my mind first.  Orders are delivered on time (sometimes even earlier than stated) and payment is hassle-free. They offer several payment options like COD, which is really convenient for clients like me who don't like to use credit or debit cards on-line (70% of their clients choose this option), and even free delivery for purchases above P1000.  This feature makes them different from my other on-line buying experiences, which required that I pay first before they deliver my orders. I also like the fact that Zalora gives the client the benefit of trust instead of the other way around. They have cool brands too, including my favorites like Mango, CLN in all sizes from XS to 3XL. 

One of my latest purchases, a Cognac Hobo Bag by David Jones is a great buy! Since I am a person who likes bringing all kinds of stuff with me, and although this bag may not look big enough, it is in fact very roomy and can accommodate my medium sized bag organizer, make-up kit, two eyeglasses, and even a small umbrella. Its wide strap provides comfort to the shoulders and makes it easy to carry. I just love it!

And when items in Zalora goes on sale, it's a bargain hunter's paradise.  Last week I got two Mango tops at 30% off from the regular price, with free shipping too!  Even the official online shopping site of Mango can't beat that. 

There is everything for everyone in ZALORA.  They have a huge selection of big brands (both local and international), their own house brands as well as local fashion sold in their marketplace. Aside from clothing, they also have cosmetics, beauty products, fashion accessories, shoes, bags for men, women and children.  And best of all, they have really good customer service. I say this because of my great experience of their return policy.  A few months ago, I bought a t-shirt which I immediately washed.  Upon hanging, I noticed a small but noticeable defect on it. I took a picture and informed Zalora through e-mail.  They immediately contacted me, asked a few questions and told me that they would replace the item immediately, without getting back the original.  Yes, it was that easy.   The statement on their website that says "Shopping in Zalora is Fun, Easy and fuss Free" is oh so true.  So for people who have not yet tried online shopping, go to Zalora and you will not regret the experience...in fact, you might even get the Zalora habit, just like me :) 

For first time shoppers, please use my BAP code: ZBAPK00 for an additional 15% OFF  from your purchase. Enjoy!


  1. I love Zalora! I had always been wary about shopping online especially with clothes because I can't feel the fabric and I can't fit the item. But so far, everything came to me in perfect shape, with good quality fabric and neatly made. The sizes are no problem either because they are pretty specific on the website. And they give pretty amazing discounts, too. :D


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