A Skechers Store in Bacolod

I have always dreamed of owning the perfect pair of shoes for my imperfect feet. Little did I know that I would find it right under my nose. The Skechers brand has been around for quite sometime, and I have seen their display at the SM Department Store but being a person who preferred high heels, their design did not really appeal to me. Then, I found myself checking out the casual and sports shoes section during the SM great shoe sale a few months ago, and this is where I discovered Skechers GO Walk.  And so, when I was told that Skechers was opening a store in SM Bacolod I was excited to check out the different styles that they had to offer.

Last October 15, 2015, Skechers officially opened its doors to the Bacolod community just in time for the city’s grand festival, the MassKara Festival. I was fortunate to be one of those invited to attend the formal opening and was encouraged to try all the different footwear available for women.  I loved the ultra comfortable Skechers GO Walk shoe series, the Number 1 Walking Shoe in the USA. These walking shoes gave casual strolls a new meaning in style and comfort, as it features breathable fabrics as well as soft GOGAMAT insoles that make distance walking easier and more enjoyable. Utmost comfort and bounce is felt on each GO Walk step, making it the top choice of walking shoe.

The new store offers Skechers’ latest footwear designs for men, women and kids that are perfect for all occasions and all ages. The Skechers collection includes the trailblazing GO Run series, as well as the trendiest gym must-have, the Skechers Sport collection which is equipped with the Skechers Memory Foam, an ultra-soft insole built to provide instant, all-day comfort in every landing. For fitness enthusiasts or for those who are into running or hitting the gym, check out Skechers GO Run 4, the latest innovation of the successful GO Run performance shoe. This shoe is designed in such a way that it helps beginner and long-time runners run faster with the mid-foot strike technology, allowing users to run faster and stronger.

Lest people think that Skechers footwear is all about sports and fitness, there are surprisingly a couple of slip-ons and sandals with classy designs, all of which provided the same level of comfort as their sporty styles. For a high heel enthusiast like me, this would definitely go on my wish list.   

my Relaxed Fit from Skechers
But among the many designs that I tried, there was one pair that I really, really could not let go.  It was my perfect shoe. And it was not even high heeled! It was roomy, really comfortable and contoured to my foot. When I slipped it on, I felt like it became part of my foot. Best of all, it had a stylish design that I could wear with both my office and weekend look.  It is so kind to my feet that I feel I could go malling for hours (even days, hahah) with these Relaxed Fit from Skechers shoes!  Did I buy it? Of course, the very next day! 

My Mom's perfect fit!
And because I wanted to share the love, I got my 81 year old mother her own Skechers too, a pair of Achiever-Level Up black leather shoes which she wore to an event today, and showed to everyone how comfortable and perfect it was for someone with moderate osteoarthritis. Now all her friends want one!

There are also Skechers watches and apparel. For more information, visit Skechers on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SkechersPhilippines and follow @SkechersPH on Twitter and Instagram.


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