The Good Life At The District North Point

In this day and age, malls are the to go to places of the young and old alike. I guess for many, one simple way of experiencing "the good life" is by going to the malls. While most people like the big malls, I on the other hand, love the ambiance and accessibility of small malls. In Metro Manila, my most liked places to go to are Greenbelt, Rockwell, Podium and Shangri-La Plaza.  I dislike big crowds and try to avoid it as much as I could, maybe because I got lost in it twice when I was a kid.

source:The District North Point FB page
This is why The District North Point is my favorite mall among the many malls in Metro Bacolod  for the following reasons: I pass by it everyday to and from work, it has most of the stores that I like to go to for my needs and wants, parking is relatively easy and you don't have to walk far going to and from the mall, it has a small park where children can run around and play and finally, it has great restrooms.  Contrary to popular opinion, Ayala malls is not all about high-end boutiques and stores. There is always something that would fit anyone's budget from the inexpensive, to big discounts and of course, the branded and specialized products. I found great bargains here, like the very comfortable Cotton On skirts and tops at half the retail price and the very affordable two piece swimsuit I got from Branded For Less.  They regularly hold weekend markets on everything under the sun from organic food and health products, gourmet food, fashion, toys and books, etc. They have even have free Zumba classes for the fitness buffs. I guess my only wish is that they have a store for plus sizes like me and more restaurants perhaps?  There are a lot of nice surprises at The District North Point and I wish more people will discover this. I myself had one big surprise when I won an eGC worth Php2,000 in September, and once again during the Negros Blogger's Christmas Party last December 19!  I feel the love!

People who like to go on a quiet, leisurely shopping or even just window shopping will feel the good life while spending an enjoyable day here.  Christmas is only a few days away and with all the rush in downtown stores, why not visit The District North Point and have a stress-free shopping experience.  It's only a few minutes from Bacolod City and there is a free shuttle available to and from the Northbound Terminal.

Here's their holiday schedule.


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