Hurray for Kuya J Resto!

A few months ago while waiting for my new tires to be mounted, I decided to bring my 81 year old mother to one of the newer restaurants in town, KUYA J, and surprise, surprise...she liked it!  This was great news because as she is getting on in years, my mom's taste buds have changed, and more often than not, eating has become like a chore for her. She was also very picky when it comes to eating out. And so it was a joy to see her enjoying the food and eating with gusto the dishes set before her.  I was so tempted to shout, Hurray for Kuya J!  This family oriented restaurant that serves authentic Filipino dishes, began in Cebu and is now one of the fastest growing chain of restaurants in the country.

Last weekend, Kuya J, located at the ground floor of SM City Bacolod (North Wing Extension) gave me another reason to say Hurray! They brought to town their new brand ambassador, Jericho Rosales, who I thought was a very good representation of the "Kuya" values this restaurant wants to be known for. Echo as Rosales is popularly known, talked about family values, his priorities now that he is older/married, and easily charmed his way into our hearts (and let me just say here, that I am not easy to charm)! He is very good with the little kids and gave special attention to Preemie Girl, giving me the impression that he is indeed a regular big brother! Kudos to the marketing group led by Ms. Pinky Tad-y Angudong for getting the perfect endorser for Kuya J!

photo courtesy of Dhadha Garcia(The Blue Ink)
Also present during the event was Kuya J's Chef Sheena Koseki, who is responsible for the many interesting and innovative dishes now being offered like the Danggit Rice, the presentation of which caught my attention because it looked like the 3 little fishes were caught in a sea of rice and they were trying to escape. It was very creative and playful.

photo courtesy of Dhadha Garcia(The Blue Ink)
And lest I forget, Kuya J's Grilled Scallops is the very best I have ever tasted, fresh from Cebu and topped with generous amount of butter, cheese and spices. I loved it so much that I more or less finished the whole platter by my lonesome...heheh!  There were the old favorites like the Kare-kare, Crispy Pata, Sizzling Sisig and Crispy Catfish, and more.  Kuya J truly brings out the best in these Filipino dishes.

There were new desserts too, the Tablea Coffee flan and Mango Pandan, as well as new flavors for their popular fruit shakes like Watermelon and Mango. For the flan, they used chocolate (cacao) tablea sourced from Batangas.

My family rarely eat out these days because more often than not, a lot of restaurants we go to has come up short of expectations. You see, I grew up surrounded by relatives who loved to cook or hold a party, so that it is not surprising that I developed a "discriminating palate" (heheh). Then, Kuya J came to town. In their Facebook page, Kuya J is described as "a casual dining restaurant that offers great Filipino gastronomic delights using quality and unique tasting dishes in a homey dining experience". The kind of food that brings families together. That my friends is what I call, truth in advertising. Bravo!

Kuya J Restaurant Branches:

  • SM Megamall, Lower Ground Floor -656-5418
  • SM City BF ParaƱaque, 3rd Floor -478-7810
  • SM City Marikina, Ground Floor -650-4435
  • SM City Sta. Mesa, 3rd Floor -256-1294
  • SM City Novaliches, Ground Floor -931-0683
  • SM City Fairview, Upper Ground Floor, Annex 2 -441-8083
  • Ayala Fairview Terraces, 2nd Floor -09498892765
  • SM Center Pasig, Ground Floor -650-4438
  • Connecticut Street, Greenhills -09498892769
  • WalterMart, Makati, Ground Floor
  • SM Southmall, Upper Ground Floor -886-5061
  • SM City DasmariƱas, Lower Ground Floor, Annex -435-2329
  • SM City Rosario, Ground Floor
  • SM City San Mateo, Ground Floor -09199112095
  • SM City Manila, 3rd Floor -742-0305
  • SM San Lazaro, 2nd Floor -711-2483
  • SM City Rosales, Ground Floor -540-5388
  • SM City Lipa, 2nd Floor
  • SM City Pampanga, Ground Floor -455-4609
  • SM City Clark, Ground Floor -09988417212
  • SM City San Fernando Downtown, 2nd Floor -433-5982
  • SM Marilao, 2nd Floor

  • Escario Street, Cebu -260-2991 / 260-3563
  • SM City Cebu,Upper Ground Floor -266-2600
  • SM City Consolacion, Cebu, Ground Floor -266-8188
  • SM Seaside City Cebu, Upper Ground Floor -255-7085
  • SM City Bacolod, Ground Floor, North Expansion Wing -431-4152
  • SM City Iloilo, Upper Ground Floor, Expansion Wing -321-6679
  • Azalea, Boracay -09498892770

  • SM Lanang Premier, Ground Floor

Facebook Page: Kuya J Restaurant


  1. Been to Kuya J Restaurant in SM Pampanga. We had this team lunch and the food is awesome. Our favourite is Kare-Kare. Office Supplies in Cebu


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