How To Live The Sweet Life in Negros Occidental

Negros Occidental comprises one of the two provinces of the recently created Negros Island Region, the other being Negros Oriental. I have been to many provinces and cities around the country but I dare say that Negros Occidental is indeed the sweet spot in the Philippines.  Being a native of this place, people will say I am biased. Well, perhaps I am, but it is also a fact that in a country with wet and dry spells, with typhoons and heavy rains on one hand and drought on the other bringing havoc to everyone's life and property, Negros Occidental is blessed with relatively good weather the whole year round.  This is only one of the many reasons why it is consistently voted as one of the best places to live in the country. In fact, Bacolod City in Occidental Negros was voted the most livable city in the Philippines by MoneySense Magazine in 2008, while Dumaguete City, capital of Oriental Negros has been listed in 2015 by Huffington Post as one of the best places to retire in the world.

This morning I got an email from a friend living overseas asking about homes being built here now.  Well, he is in for a surprise, because real estate development in Negros Occidental is at it's all time high, more so in the Bacolod Metropolitan Area (comprising of the cities of Bacolod, Talisay, Silay).  There are also constructions going on every which way from commercial buildings to condominiums to hotels. I traveled to Calatrava town yesterday and was astounded by the much improved road network. I also saw new buildings and a mall being built in Victorias City.

Living the Sweet Life

I can only speak for Silay City, my home for most of my life.  Silay, where the life is sweet and the past is forever, is a heritage city with more than 30 ancestral/heritage houses identified and listed by the NCCA and NHA. More than 2/3 of these houses have markers placed on them, rendering them protected by national and local heritage laws.  Although a city, Silay has the ambience of a quiet and reserved town.  This is not to say that the life is backward...just more relaxed compared to the capital city, Bacolod which is only 14 kms south of Silay.  The provincial airport is located here, as well as the provincial hospital. There is no lack of big supermarkets and 24-H convenience stores.  At present there is an on-going construction of a Cebu-based mall.  Best of all, Silay City have affordable residential homes being built just outside the town center, ideal for growing families or people seeking to retire in a quiet city where facilities are accessible.

Talisay City is where Ayala Land chose to develop their first major project, Ayala North Point and their first mall in Negros, The District at North Point. Several other projects followed like Plantazionne, Avida and Amaia Villages. At present, they are expanding east and southeast ward. There are also other locally developed subdivisions nearer and around the town center like Carmela Village and Menlo Park.  Aside from the residential villages, Talisay has scenic mountain resorts like Campuestohan and the Guerrero Farm. The Nature's Village Hotel and Resort, one of  good hotels in Negros is right along their highway.

And of  course, there's Bacolod City completing the triad. So many things have been written about this city that most people in the country think that Bacolod City and Negros Occidental is one and the same.  Well, it is not; Bacolod City is geographically situated in Negros Occidental, but being a highly urbanized city, it is not a part of the provincial government. However, it was and still is considered the capital of the province since the Provincial Capitol and all its offices are located here. Because of this unique set-up, the city considers the development by Ayala Land of provincially owned properties in the city as part of their progress. There is the SEDA Hotel, the Capitol Mall and Amaia Steps, all on-going construction in the Capitol area. This plus many other condominiums, subdivisions, malls, parks and resorts and new hospitals built or being built around the city.

I have not even mentioned the fiestas and festivals all year round, the beautiful beaches in North and South Negros, the protected islands like Danjugan where one can snorkel and dive in wonder, the good food, the warm people...all these and more in Negros Occidental!

But, to live and experience the sweet life, one must have a home, and not just a place to stay in Negros Occidental.  I believe that now is the best time to buy real estate in the province whether for investment purposes, to raise a family or to retire.  There are so many choices to choose from, depending on your purpose or taste. Like I said there are so many residential condominiums being built or ready for occupancy and there are subdivisions/ villages sprouting all over the Metro that are tailored for each individual's requirements and affordability.  So how does one go about searching for the right home or residence?  This is where one of Bacolod's trusted realty services company, the E. GATANELA REALTY CO can help. They provide expert advice and services for real estate property selling and marketing, appraisal, and real estate laws. I have referred many friends and acquaintances to them and they have always lived up to their good name.

Here are just some of the beautiful properties they are handling.

Here is their Office and Contact Details:

E. Gatanela Realty Co. office is located Suite 4, 2nd Floor, LD Centre, 7th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City, above Chowking-Lacson, in front of Capitol Lagoon.

E- mail: Telephone: (6334) 468-0314.

So don't just come and visit...I invite you to make a life here in Negros Occidental, the sweet spot of the Philippines!


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