Welcoming The New Year At L'Fisher Hotel- Bacolod

Welcoming the New Year is a big tradition in this country, and people everywhere celebrate new year's eve literally with a bang! My family is a little different because we would usually spend it at home, with less fun fare compared to our neighbors, since our house help would all go off-duty to be with their respective families. But there were those special occasions where we did celebrate in the hotels or clubs. In fact, one of the most memorable and fun experiences I had growing up was spending new year's eve in a hotel with my parents and brothers. I remember with nostalgia, the music, the laughter and the warm camaraderie among family, friends and yes, even strangers. 
In keeping with this tradition, L' Fisher Hotel-Bacolod will hold the last and biggest party of the year to welcome 2017.  For those who would like a hassle-free and smoke-free New Year's Eve celebration with a great view of the fireworks that is sure to light up the city, this is the place to make happy memories that will be remembered for years to come.  Here is the schedule for their year end blast.

🎆🎆🎆Happy New Year! 🎇 Welcome 2017!🎆🎆🎆


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