Sisters Reunited in Heaven

My Mom and Tita Mimi were very close, being the only 2 sisters among 4 brothers, both born in Cebu while the 3 younger boys were Manila-born. Tita Mimi at 3 years old suffered complications from measles and had special needs, so Mom always gave her special attention.

Their first separation happened unexpectedly when Mom got married in 1955 right after college graduation when she just turned 21, to a "probinsyano", leaving her family in Pasay City, and moved to Silay in Negros Occidental. In 1956, my parents went back to Manila because my Dad was preparing for the bar exams and my mom was due to give birth to me. I was the oldest grandchild (in both sets of grandparents) for almost 4 years, so you can imagine the adoration I got while growing up. At the same time, I was raised aware of my responsibilities because of that family “position”.  So that when Lola Esting was diagnosed with cancer in 1988, she decided to have a tiny house built besides ours in Silay, to ensure the continuing care of Tita Mimi. When Lola died in 1990, Tita Mimi opted to stay in their tiny home with her helpers while Mom provided for her meals and upkeep. Then Daddy at age 58, had a massive heart attack, and passed only 4 months after Lola.  Mom then decided to have Tita Mimi moved in with us. She was spoilt and contented being with her Manang. She would get visits from her brothers now and then, but being with her Manang Linda was what made her the happiest. Mom worried over, provided for and pampered her like never before.


The second and final separation came after living together this time in Silay, for 29 years, when Mommie passed on at age 85 in 2019. This time, it was not unexpected and by now, I was the main caregiver of the family. Although Tita Mimi was prepared for Mom’s passing, it was obvious that she missed Mom terribly. Mom was always around, checking on her, talking with her even if she (Mom) could not really understand what she was saying. Mom looked after her personally, empathizing with her, assuring her, seeing that all her needs and wants are met. When Mommie passed on, all that diminished… Yes, she was not alone, but she was lonely.  Even with caregivers around, it was never the same as when her Manang Linda was just there. And so for the last 2 years, Tita Mimi continued to pray, patiently waiting to join her Mamá, Papá, Manang Linda, Alex, Raul and Baby Newton in heaven.  Last Friday, July 30, 2021 at 2 PM, her dream and hope to be happily reunited with them all, finally came. God quietly took her home. Her doctors after her bout with measles encephalitis just before WWII said "she will not live beyond her teen years". Well, at 84 years of age, she outlived them all (and may I add, vaccinated and Covid-free).

Tita Mimi has been laid in her earthly resting place yesterday, August 2, 2021 beside her parents Lola Esting and Lolo Bitong, Tito Raul and Mom (and Dad). Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord and let Perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.


Tita Mimi's story:


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