high school memories and reunions

I went to an all-girls high school although I did have boys as classmates in elementary and intermediate grades. But I don't remember much about those days...I think I spent high school in a blur, maybe because I did not become part of any group or clique so that I wasn't able to create a lot of memories. Looking back, my high school life was pretty much about growing up from childhood to teenager. I entered high school at age 11 and graduated at 15...still a child, really. I wasn't even allowed to party with boys yet! My main preoccupation then was reading...I literally finished most if not all of the books in our school library. I was seen as a quiet girl by the other year levels because they saw me as always reading. Of course, my own classmates did not think so because I was quite talkative and opinionated since I had all these general knowledge in my head. They considered me to be very childish compared to them who were a year or two older than me (translation: they


It happens...that sometimes our self-talk can no longer be separated from what is real and what is not...from what is false and what is true. The things that we tell ourselves sometimes reaches a point that the what is and what should be becomes a blur. Many people are like this. Even me. Sometime in our lives, we have experienced distorting truth and convincing ourselves that we are right. But self-talk is actually good. It's a way of coping and builds self-confidence. It only becomes damaging when it makes a person delusional, egotistical and narcissistic. Then, that person becomes his own worst enemy.

Mindless Entertainment

what do you call watching WWE or Jack TV?...mindless entertainment! The kids at home watch it for the simple reason that there's nothing else to watch...and that it's silly and funny. I must admit that MAD TV makes me laugh ...and I need that. In this day of high stress environment, we all think too much and make ourselves sick thinking. There is a need for more laughter in our lives to maintain our well-being and if watching shows like these makes us laugh, then so be it... mindless entertainment or bust !

wish I can do this...

Today, I'm in the mood for some really risky behavior...I actually have several things on my "wish I can do this now" going for a long ride on high gear on a Suzuki bike or maybe spend a long weekend on a secluded beach front villa with its own jacuzzi,lap pool and personal masseuse(with a Brad Pitt look-a-like in tow, would be good)...or spend a day shooting at the picture of the person who's pissing me off... but maybe it would be simpler to just hope that he chokes on his food tonight and is brought to the ER and nobody would resuscitate him...YES! Is wishing someone dead the same as killing him?....nah! Someone told me that in a dispute, the first one who gets mad loses... guess, I should go ride that bike instead, huh.

Which Superhero Am I?

Your results: You are Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 75% Green Lantern 45% The Flash 45% Robin 45% Catwoman 40% Supergirl 35% Hulk 35% Superman 35% Spider-Man 25% Iron Man 25% Batman 10% You are a beautiful princess with great strength of character. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Discovering Facebook

I just discovered Facebook and since I registered last Sunday, I have been spending a lot of my internet time on it! Yes, Celine Lopez is right when she said it was addicting. I have only made 2 friends so far, but I am so having fun with all the features I am's definitely better than Friendster and it even makes me laugh! So I guess you could say that I am hooked and in a way it's helping me put aside even for just a little while all the problems in the hospital ( including the 2 people who are trying their utmost to make my life difficult ) that is way beyond my control anyway. This site has everything,...well almost, quizzes, look for it, it has them, it's like being in a large playland with lots of things to do. I rarely go on-line at home but for the past few days now, I have been doing that and it's all because of FB! and to think that I have been promising myself to finish reading all the books that have been gathering du

Country quiz

I found this in a gypsy soul ...can't say I'm too happy being a sudan but somehow, the description sounds apt for today...and yes, sometimes, I could be a nubian goat :) You're Sudan! Every time you get a headache,you reach for some aspirin,only to realize that someone destroyed it. That's just how things are going for you right's hard to eat,hard to sleep,hard to not have a headache. You try to relax,but people always jump on you about something that doesn't make sense.  If you were a goat, you'd be a Nubian. Take the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid